After an hour walking in that creepy graveyard (yeah, I admit it! I was scared to my soul! sweatdrop ), with Goblin shaking with fear, the screams that we heard outside turned out to be war screams eek ! When we approached them, we caught sight of a ninja girl, hacking through the rubber snakes with a bloody katana! Both of us freezed, not for the fact that someone would be stupid enough to enter that pass (as we were... stare ), but the fury of that girl!
She just stopped one second and the snakes wraped her up, immobilizing her. Me and Goblin couldn't just stand there while someone was in danger... Goblin got the next thing to him that he could use as a weapon... A STICK!!! stare . While he took out the laceback clan, I was setting the ninja girl free. At first, she was a little surprised to see that someone would've been too damn stupid to enter that place ( stare ), then she introduced herself: they call her Dark Juggalette, a strange name as Souto or Goblin xd .
She said that, if we wanted, she would come along and help. Great! One more for the party!!! whee !!! Rigth after that, a flying Animated passed by, wanting to give us a little "welcome party". Lucky to us, Dark Juggalette noticed that the thing was our primal target, the OMGWTF.
Needless to say that we got rid of the beast easily wink ! Going back to Barton, Goblin noticed that one of the garlics of the ranch was very atracted by him. For sure! It was one of his pets, Joe, that gave his ring right up...
We're heading Barton now, finish Ian's quest.

I'll keep contact.

Souto1 wink