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About Me- Two pieaces
Mah name’Storm. Five feet in height- young, really young, so don’t even think about it. Good Girl-in general: Nope, never touched drugs or killed anybody (Yet, anyway). Not exactly bad girl, but school is a douche bag, and I hate rules. Swears a little too much, but so do half of America . I’m the perfect girl in the frame- for some people. But I’m not all sugar a roses either. Athletic, firmly built ‘lil thing. Tough ,yet fragile. I don’t spend that much time with mah family, mostly cause everyone’s busy(FML, that’s why I‘m on Gaia most of my free time). I spend more time awake at school and other places more than at home. I’m a mess, a really smart mess though. My grades are like cirrus clouds, somewhere above the others. I like art, currently working with sharpies and black ink pens. I’m WILD!


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Planning To Adopt A husky

What I'm doing: Well....
Status: Seeing who's coming around
Feeling: Exhausted
Signs:Tiger-Taurus, got a problem?

Some Info's
Age: You just missed it! My age was right HERE! But it ran away!
Name: ........
Height: 5'
Shoe size: 4
Glasses: Yup
Birthday: April 24, .....

Well, there's a lot to say, but too little amount of words to use. I'm a girl who's not afraid to speak her mind. Your negative opinions wont matter and I don't give a damn what you think about me. But, I'm a likable person, so you don't have to worry about anything. I like people with good sense of humor , and I don't mind bad jokes, at least not all the time. Man, I love to laugh, and it's creepy cause I sometimes laugh to much...0.o

I'm a black/dark brown haired Asian girl. With real dark brown eyes- that I freak out at sometimes thinking it's black. <--- (Stupid me) Tall, and slim- I love food and eat a whole lot, but I don't get "big". The weird thing is, I'm tall but my feet are like TINY , It's smaller than size FOUR! (Confusing, yea, I know.xD) I'm a literate person, you'll find me typing very........correctly? Unlike most gaians, I rarely use abbreviations, or what ever you call them.

I'm young-very- but I guess..mature (*_*). Tough kid, but I'm not a tomboy( I dont see why people think being called a tomboy is cool....maybe because they don't know what really goes on in the mind of people like me) Girls like me is hard to find, I'm athletic, and boy dont I love that trait. Maybe too much cause I'm usually the only girl in everything I do, I find that
somewhat cool, but also.....disturbing. ~Gag~ It's not surprising
that most of my boys respect me, roughness, is also one of my mostly used traits. twisted . I don't mean to hurt people though, don't get me wrong, but it's called reflex........ smile

I like the outdoors-though I rarely get to enjoy it in the winter cause my parents are working most of the time.(FML, I barely spend time with mah family) I love mother nature, she's beautiful. ( That was corny)

Jeez, this thing is getting boring x_x. Sorry ""x_X. Uhm, I'm currently taking Taekwondo , working toward my black belt! I started with a scholar ship, stayed with it ever since. I'm gonna work at my studio when in a few years.
I'm a DEMO student( IN YA FACE!xD) , and an assistant instructor(YAYY! Damn it-i'm over reacting)

I love editing photos and taking pictures!!!! WILD! Some of my works are here on my profile-they're not exactly masterpieces , but close enough, huh?xD.
RANDOMNESS RULES!!!! I love my boys.......AND my gals! I have two AWESOME Bros , Ryan and Josh, my punching bags. xD, hey isn't that my job?
And how can I forget my collection of idiotic yet lovable friends, some are not shown here, but it's pretty easy to tell who belongs here if you just look over at that comment box that they're all INFESTING! I love to....not exactly role play.... ~SLAP!!! twisted ~ Yea, do stuff like that. xD <---I use that TOO much, wayyy too much. BYYYYEEE! (Please don't mind my swearing if we ever get to talk, I don't mean them......most of the time. )

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I know what your'e thinking, I'm wayy younger than 15

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