as i wrote earlier i had 2 girls suure they both left me and all you ppl r gonna do is laugh but its not funny(okay maybe alittle) now see hnya the first(i showed the 2nd first) is one of the reasons why im insane(literally twisted ) i dont remember how old she was but anyways she seemed kinda sweet she helped me too draw...stickmen but thats a different story now this lasted for about 3 weeks (yeah i know what your thinking wow his dates dont last long) but i assure you this was one hellofa dramatic it was okay for alil she was my 1st kiss(im ashamed too say) but i later found out she was cheating okay gotta rephrase that seeing someone else? yeah that should do it so i was minding my own business when i came out into the hall (yup i was in school which makes it oh so much worse) and he had her up against the wall kissin her like crazy there was no resist no "oh no stop" just kees and kiss and i was just standing there all innocent they only noticed me when i dropped my stuff and i ran like hell the guy went after me(luckily im the fastest guy in class...tied with my best friend) probably to keep me quiet (no knowin how many other guys shes seen) so i spent the rest of my LIFE trying to get back at her (by the way i wont tell their names unless you want me too (leave a friggin comment i want ppl after her!!!!)) until i met the other one she seemed fine and ya know what she was i was the corrupt one this time biggrin