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A lot of stuff that gets to me.
Just A lot of crap.
From now on, I will be posting all the dreams I have that I remember the most about. This is my first...obviously, and this one I don't just remember in my head, my body still gets freaked out when I think about it. It happened the night before lastnight. Everyone's names will be either their Gaia username or I'll change it if they don't have one. Derrin is not a real person though...thank god, my mind just made him up to scare the s**t outta me....stupid brain. lol


It was around twilight when all of this happened. All four of my grandparents were together in my Grandma and Grandpa Garcia's house visiting. I was in their room waiting for them to call us for dinner. When they finally did I went out there and grabbed mine, but for some reason I suddenly weanted to shower. Like I knew something was going to happen if I didn't. Like a super gut feeling.

Going in the shower right after I got my food did not make my Grandma Garcia happy. So when she yelled at me I quickly got out. I walked into the living room and leaned over my Grandpa Garcia's chair and gave him a hug. I don't know what made me turn my head and look at my other grandparents, but I did. When I did my heart started to race with fear. The man's name is Derrin. He's in his mid 20's maybe even closer to 30 than he looked.

Being so frightened I ran back into the room where I left my food, only to be startled by my phone ringing. It was a text message.....from "him" It read "Why don't you come out here? I want to see you" I didn't answer it, would anyone? I was so scared of this man I was shaking. He had done something to me, my body knew but my memory of it wasn't there. All I knew was that I had to stay away from him.

My friends Wolfangel42 and Mint were over also, so I had someone to talk to and calm down. Then I get another text from "him", it said "Your Grandparents left and it's boring as hell, please come out here?" I deleted the message right after I read it and walked out the door.

Somehow it's in the middle of the day now. I get in the car with my brother Faust33 and his girlfriend, I don't know her her name. For some weird reason instead of his really dark brown hair he has bleach blonde hair, and it was styled like Bladezz from The Guild...not really a good look for Faust. We all deside to go on a drive, no reason for it, just to get out of the house. Well as we are driving an animal desides to run out in the middle of the street, causing Faust to panic, turn the wheel and flip the car.

As I wake up laying on my stomach in the grass, Faust and his girl are sitting by the car, scared. I look across the road to see a strange black car, Derrin, I forgot he was a cop, one of the only things I knew about him. Well, some other cops pulled up and cuffed Faust and his girl then they walk over to me, one cop puts one of his legs on each side of me, I guess so I wouldn't escape, but it felt like he was sitting on me while putting the handcuffs on. I look over at "him" again and he was smiling! After they pulled me up onto my feet, my vision got fuzzy, I must have hit my head, but I watched Derrin get in his car and drive away as they put me in their car.

After I got out of all of that mess, I get a text from Mint telling me to come to the little gas station store that has a cafe in it. When I get there I hesitate to walk in, because I'm afraid he would be there. I walked in anyway, trying to be brave. I look around and to my luck, he's not there. I look over and see Mint and Wolfangel waving at me. They are sitting at one of the diner's booths. So I sat down in front of both of them, they sat next to eachother, and we started talking like we did at lunch during school.

After a few minutes of talking I get a text, again. I look at my phone and see it's "him" again. The message said "I recognized you more with those handcuffs on" That sentence made my heart beat faster, Mint and Wolfangel noticed my sudden fear. I looked at them and with a shakened voice "G-guys, I don't think I'm really a virgin"

Right after I said that the setting suddenly changed. I was in this really weird apartment. I walked around thinking "this place gives me a bad feeling" I'm not alone in the apartment. My mom is standing right behind me. I walk over to the window. We're on the second floor. I look down at the parking lot, there are sairs leading up to to front door from the ground level outside. I see this truck with all my stuff in it. I was confused, then Derrin came out from around the back of the truck. I then felt more scared than I had been in my whole life. I turned toward my mom and say "Mom, what's going on!?" but she didn't answer, she only gave me an "I'm so sorry look" and looked away.

She suddenly walks out the door. I yell "Wait!" but she keeps walking. She goes down the long stairs to where he is, and stops in front of him. I suddenly get an out of body look of me watching out the window. The scene then turns upside down and when Derrin walks into the apartment I freak out and wake up.

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