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Lolz? Rpcs >.>

In TWEG exists countless amounts of monsters. This thread is intended to give you some details on some of them.


Capturalbe only by Beast Tamers: 2
Not capturable: 3

Name: Cylan [3]
Looks like: An older race of the Dark Elves.
Difficulty: Average
Rarity: Common
Possible Loots: Dark elven swords, Lock of Hair, Elven Manuscript, Copper

Name: Demi [1]
Looks like: Kind of like a wolf, except larger and always have red tinted coats.
Rarity: Somewhat common
Possible Loots: Fangs, K9 Jawbone, Winter Fur

Name: Fein [2]
Looks like: A small dragon without flight capabilities.
Difficulty:Below Average
Rarity:Not uncommon
Possible Loots: Dragon wings, Fangs, Dragon claws

Name:Astam [1]
Looks like: Undead/Zombie
Diffuculty: Average
Rarity: Rare, but when one is spotted others are always near
Possible Loots: Bloody Banadages

Name:Twig [1]
Looks like: A small plantlike creature that grows in forests. Won't start a fight by itself.
Difficulty:Below Average
Possible Loots: Tea Leaves, Infection antidote, thorns

Name: Drem [2]
Looks like: A large, furry creature with powerful paws.
Possible Loots: Fangs, Fur

Name: Ekla [1]
Looks like: A large ork that stands on two feet. Very agressive.
Difficulty: Above average
Rarity: Uncommon
Possible Loots: Giant Skull

Name: Zimt [3]
Looks like: A huge sea monster. Almost qualifies as legendary.
Difficulty: Far above average
Rarity: Only three in existence
Possible Loots: Unknown

Name: Diphli [2]
Looks like: A mountain humanoid being. Prefers bow and arrows.
Difficulty: Average
Rarity: Common
Possible Loots: Mountain Bow, Arrows, Cave paint

Name: Exli [2]
Looks like: A floating small creature, that would be harmless if it didn't have magic.
Difficulty: Above Average
Rarity: Uncommon
Possible Loots: Fur

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