Not that gud but it's ok
eek heart blaugh stare redface xd whee
starting that morning i got up,after i got up jade texted me.So i just called her.After that the conversation went like this

Jade: Hey...(in a low voice talkin slowly)hows it goin
Me(savannah): good but,why are you talking so slow
Jade: have to meet my boyfriend
Me: oh(pause),today?....
Jade: yup,you said next tuseday....last week
Me: (saying slowly)That was a day ago....
Jade: We....had a date
Me: Fine,i guess....when are you picking me up?
Jade: Uhh.....20 mins.
Me: Ok...(in a rushing voice)Bye
Jade: bye
I ran to find what to wear.....about 5 mins after....this is what i had.A pair of blue skinnys,and cheese and bloo top,and some blue nikes.I ran down the hall.Me being clumsy i
tripped and fell.Lucky i didn't hit my head.I ran to the bathroom door and knocked.

Cee Ce sad in a loud voice)WHAT?
Me: (in a loud voice)COME ON!!
Cee Ce: why?
Me: Jades coming to pick me up
Cee Ce: Can i come?
Me: What....sure....whatever...just hurry up
As soon as she got out the bathroom i ran in.She was wearing a hot pink skirt,some sandles, a aqua polo,and and rose clip in her hair.I got dressed as soon as i was done.
I had black hair with brown highlights,and i had a skull clip in my hair.As soon as she got here,we said bye to our mom(hug person who plays mom)got our jackets and ran
outside.It was raining all week so we were ready.When we got in the car,The conversation started with

Jade: Hey Cee Ce,and savannah
Cee Ce: (in a funny voice)Hey gurl how it goin
Jade: Fine you?
Cee Ce: same
Jade: (whispering)Well why so quite?
Me: No he bringing his friend
Jade: Is he bringing sammy?
Me: Uhh.....yeah.....i mean is he
Jade: why?
Me: what i told him last time....that i liked him
Sammy: Hey...why are you acting so weird
Me: Well it's weird finding your bestfriend makingout with some one you hardly know
Sammy: Well....I....You...most agreed
Me: So when are you leaving
Sammy: (in a sad voice)Why are you trying so hard to get rid of me?
Me: I mean i'm not....maybe it's cuz i like you(after that puts hand over mouth)
Sammy: (looking at me hard) really?
Me: yeah.....i mean no.....i guess so
Punkrock: come on dude,we got to go
Aww....Flashback over

Jade: oh...yeah that
Cee Ce: oh what.....what happened
Me: nothing....oh...and jaden smiths goin to be there
Cee Ce: OMG.....i have to get ready(pulls out makeup)
As soon as we got there sierra was happy to see her rich boyfriend.
Jaden: Hey babe
Cee Ce: Hey i've missed you
Jaden: (kisses her hand)i've missed you to
While they were there flirting jade pulled me up the stairs of the apartment.Sammy was standing right infront of the door.They started talking leaving me out of all of it.

Jade: hey sammy
Sammy: Hey....your looking for punkrock
Jade: Yup
Sammy: (saying in a low voice)Hey savannah
Me: (saying slowly)Hey...
Jade: HELLO!!!
Me: Sorry....Jade
Sammy: it's not your fault
Jade: (hmmming)SO.....I'll leave yall alone
Me: NO
Sammy: don't trust me
Jade: Bye(walking down the stairs)
Me: (looking at sammy)Uhhh....hi
Sammy: you already said that
Me: (blushing hard)Oh....well...uh
Sammy: (grining)And yeah....i like you to
Me: (thinking)well....i guess thats good
Before sammy could even say something jade came back up.Punkrock who was just coming out of the room just had to talk.

Punkrock: Hey
Me: hey
Jade: Uhh....hey
Punkrock: Whats wrong
Jade: nothing
Me and sammy: (at the same time) uhh....i'll be down stairs
when we got down stairs Jaden was running around in the front of the apartments.Sammy was trying to hold my hand all the way down so i just let him.Jaden stopped,
smiling and giggling.Sammy and i stopped looked at each other,then stopped holding hands.Then out of no where Noah ringer came out.He waved a Jaden,
Jaden,standing there looking lost,Waved back.Noah walked over to where he was.While they were talking i ran away.Sammy turned and watched me run before he walked
after me.When he finally got to where i was he said

Sammy: Why were you running
Me: Uhh...noah
Sammy: he's my cousin
At that point i was looking really lost.Sammy(grining again)said

Sammy: whats wrong
Me: Uh.....nothing
Sammy sad grining again)well...we should go check on jade and punkrock again
Me: Oh...
Sammy: What?
Me: nothing
Sammy: you said what
Me: Well...i was enjoying not seeing them
Sammy: but she's your
Me: (cuting him off) i know my bestfriend
Sammy: right....your bestfriend....
Me: we can go check on them
Sammy: want me to hold your hand
Me: sure.....if it will keep me from falling
Sammy: I won't let you fall
Me: (smiling)fine......sure
Jaden smiled and asked us did we see cee ce.Sammy(being rude)Nope...sorry....come on.I had to say sorry to him.

Me: Hey jadens looking for you
Cee ce: I know
Me: Then go talk to him
Cee ce: Two words N.....O
Me: no.....but....
Cee ce: But nothing he broke up with me for the last time
Me: Well....ok
Cee ce: Why is he holding your hand?
Me: more of a guide so i won't fall
Punkrock and jade came down stairs.Meeting us with a Hey,whats up.I looked a punkrock(hardly).Sammy(grining)look down at me.Me(feeling him look at me)looked up
and said

Me: uh....what
Sammy sad whispering)said look a punkrocks mouth
Me sad whispering back)why
Sammy sad whispering)Just do it
So i turned my head and saw he had some lipstick on his face.Sammy finally let go of my hand before jade saw he was still holding it.Punkrock looked at us hard....sammys
face for the first time turned red.

Sammy: uhh....we have to....uhh....go
Me: i'm ok
Sammy: well i'm not.....come on
Jaden: hey lovebirds
Me: WHAT?!?!?
Jaden: you heard me
Noah: Hey guys
Me: uhh...uhh...(drooling)
Sammy sad pushing me a bit)dude
Me: What.....oh....uh hi
Noah: Hows it goin(grining like sammy)
Me: good....i guess
Sammy: it's getting late
Me: it's only....
Sammy: Come on
Sammy took me home.i had a long night.well day1 of the start is over.I saw sammy again and met jades new boyfriend.