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These stories to tell...
Last night I had this strange dream and the moment I woke I began writing out what it was about. I've changed certain names and certain aspects of the characters but I'm going to make a story off of this dream. I'm listing everything I wrote down below. Some of you might recognize that a character seems familiar to you or might resemble you even. That's because every character in my dream was actually a friend I knew at one point or another...

An 18 year old girl, recently graduated from high school, buys her own house out in the suburbs of Fresno. (just outside of Fresno which ever you want to go with.)

In the backyard she finds a two story club house. It's sort of like a giant doll house but able to hold small children... basically a tree house that sits on the ground but has a more house like feeling to it. The girl decides to explore the toy house and as soon as she enters she discovers a magic inside. When she enters she becomes 7 years old again.

She can bring toys to life while inside this toy house but cannot make them become normal dolls after that. She's the only one who can do this. She figures this out when she finds an old doll resting in a wooden trunk. It's a puppet but all the strings are broken off. He comes to life and tells her that his name is Marx. He's dressed as an old fashion soldier.

Once he steps outside, however, he becomes an 18 year old human. He shows an interest to become a real soldier.

In excitement, she takes one of her favorite puppets and takes him inside the toy house. His name is James and he's a rock star. When he comes to life she cuts the strings off of him and he begins talking to her. He says that he prefers to be called "Spikes" (for those of you who heard of the Zinia story, I've been considering using a different character in place of Spikes and this is where Spikes is going instead.) Once he leaves the doll house he turns into a 19 year old. He aspires to create a heavy metal band and become famous.

There's another doll inside the wooden chest. She's a two-in-one doll. Meaning by covering one head with the dress she becomes the other doll. One's name (the nice one) is Annie the other is Anna (she's the mean one.) When she leaves she becomes one person with "a split personality disorder"

Emily is 22 years old, addicted to weed. She's a high school graduate but lives on the street. She's a friend of the girl. When she enters the toy house she becomes 5 years old and remembers how much she use to love art and music. She spends most of her time in one room of the toy house and refuses to leave other than for food and the bathroom. When she does come out, she's covered in paint and has a paint brush in her hand the entire time.

Thomas (the only character with the original name.) is a friend of the girl as well. When he enters the house he becomes a chaotic 4 year old and starts running around screaming and causing all sorts of trouble.

Emily brings one of her dolls, a bratz doll, and has the girl bring her to life. Instantly the doll becomes a diva and thinks she has right to rule the entire toy house. (which is practically a mansion if not a castle) she threatens to tell people of the house if she doesn't get her way. Knowing that just about every one would think she was crazy, the girl banishes her from the toy house. As the girl had predicted no one believed her and instantly deemed her crazy. she's arrested later and brought back to the house and as soon as the girl figures that the bratz hasn't changed a bit, tells the officers that she doesn't know who she is.

James returns one day with a friend, Johnathan(age 25) who listens to the band Insane Clown Posse (ICP). He's an adrenaline junkie and likes to go by John for short. As soon as he enters the toy house he turns into a 10 year old and begins building things with the tinker toys in one of the other rooms.

There are certain toys that are already in the house;

-toy computer that can type word documents and print them
-tinker toys
-craft supplies such as paint
and some of the characters.

Concepts (rules) of the Toy house;

-once inside time stops outside
-certain objects take longer to change once brought outside- such as anything built from tinker toys and/or blocks
-food, when brought inside, is subject to change. example; tofu can become ice cream and anything with pasta can become a different pasta dish or a cake even.
-once a toy is brought to life it cannot have that life taken from it.
-objects such as a toy phone with eyes or a chest cannot be brought to life
-any one who does not know about the house cannot hear what any human (people who were human the entire time and never a toy) says about the toy house.
-a toy once brought to life can enter and exit the house as they please but once outside turn into humans. Once inside turn back into their original form.
Major conflict;

The girl vs. herself, emotionally.
She feels sad but doesn't know why. When both Marx and James leave, she becomes depressed but hides it from every one else around her. After returns for a short while and brings John around he leaves and no one ever hears from him again until he's locally famous and known in a few neighboring states. One day some one comes to the door(of the real house) carrying a box. The man tells the girl that Marx mysteriously disappeared after a sever injury but left a broken doll in his hospital bed. She has the doll repaired and brings it into the house. Marx comes back to life and is happy to see the girl again but leaves, depressed. James sees Marx at one of his shows before he goes on stage and calls the girl. The girl finds Marx and they both get over their depression together.

minor conflicts;

Emily vs. herself, mentally.
Emily realizes that she's been wasting time getting high and wants to start over. She takes to selling art and raising money to get into college.

The bratz doll when she is brought to life and when she is arrested.

Anna doesn't treat any one nicely and demands to have her own body without Annie but Annie doesn't want that.


2010, just outside of the girl's home town, the girls back yard and house, the toy house, and over minor places such as the concert site.

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    Tue Jul 13, 2010 @ 03:37am

    Perfect! Now only to add some more depth and longwindedness to give it that "Full circle" effect. I've also noticed you have dreams involving dolls and toys quite often. Or at least find them the most memorable. ^_^

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