Bracknell needs a change, too long have we just watied for someone else to do somthing about it. Its time to change our image, change our town and let the whole world know that we need a change. The only way that change can happen is if we all help. Bracknell is not a dead town, it is not a rubbish place. It needs to b...e looked after, cared for by the residents. We need to start this.

The youth are given the stereotype of the youth before them. A stereotype that may not be true. If we all change, if we all make an example, If we all start the change then the way we are viewed inwardly and outwardly will change, Change for the better.

If one person starts the change then others will follow. So tell your friends, If one person invites 2 more people then we can make this change national then worldwide. We don't want the bad image we are given. Only if we all help can that image change.

"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy

1 Peter 1:6