I punch his face, knocking him out. “Idiot,” I drag out the word as he fell to the ground. My hand hurt just from that one punch. “Ouch,” I said. I started to shake my hand to ease the pain.
Whispers spread through the sea of students very quickly. They were talking. Most of them making fun of what just happened.
“Yuki?” a voice sings my name.
I turned around trying to pin point who said my name.
“Yuki,” the voice becomes firmer.
I turn around to get away, she and Ringo must know I’m here. I let a soft giggle escape my mouth.
“You better not try to go,” Ichigo says as she pushes through the crowd. She was followed out by Ringo. Both of them staring start at me. “What are you doing here?”
I smiled at them. “I just wanted to see how the school was.”
“You didn’t have to do that,” Ringo said frowning. She pointed down to the guy I had just knocked out. “What are you thinking? Do you want to get in trouble?”
I looked down. I felt bad. My shoulder caved in, giving me a slouch. “No,” I muttered. That was the last thing I wanted.
“Yuki,” Ichigo said my name again. Her eyes showed me she didn’t want to deal with this.
“I’m sorry,” I said sadly to them. “I didn’t mean anything…” my voice trailed off. I let my gaze go but up to them. “I just wanted to spend more time with you.”
Ichigo sighed, and grabbed my hand.
I looked at her as she pulled me along. Turning to Ringo I mouthed, where are we going?
Bringing her finger to her mouth she didn’t answer.
I sighed.
What now?

We walked through the school yard, and into the main building. Ichigo still held onto my hand, and Ringo followed right beside me.
My eyes wandered around looking at all the things that we passed. A bench, students, even teachers.
Everyone looked at us like something big just happened.
Ichigo pushed a door open and dragged me in. “Excuse me,” she said.
I followed in with them.
“We like to enroll a transfer student,” Ichigo continued to speak.
I snapped my head at her.
Transfer student?
A lady in a black walked to the desk and took a good look at the three of us. She spoke, “You want to enroll her in our academy?”
Ichigo nodded. “It would be really good if you did.”
“Yes, she is really good,” Ringo piped in.
Good at what, exactly?
“Good at what?” the lady asked.
I smiled. The lady said what I was thinking.
Her eyes fell on me. Sharp like knives made the smile on my face fall right off.
“Well?” she asked again.
“Well,” Ringo said. She turned to Ichigo. Apparently she couldn’t come up with anything. “She,” she started again, but then stopped.
“She is good at art,” Ichigo stated finally after a few moments.
“Art?” the lady and I said together. She looked at me. I smiled nicely.
“Yes,” Ringo said. “Very good.”
I gave a sigh.
“Can you show me?” she asked. Her eyes told me she was addressing me.
I looked at the twins. What was I suppose to say.
They gave a small nod.
“Yes?” I said a bit unsure.
“Okay,” she said. The lady turned around and started for the door. “This way then.”
The three of us moved. We followed her.
We entered the back room. The lady gave a small wave and turned, she was smiling.
“This is where you’ll show me,” she said. Her placed her body on the couch. Her hand sliding on her leg as she moved the top part of her body towards us. “Please show me what you can do.”
I walked to the center of the room. All kinds of art supplies lay on the tables. My fingers moved slowly on the top of the table.
I moved closer to a book. A sketch book. I laid my hand on top of it.
“Can I do a sketch?” I asked. My hand nor eye leaving the book as I asked.
“Go right ahead,” was the answer.
Picking up the black book, I searched for a pencil. Finding one nearby on the table I grabbed for it.
I opened the book. Pages were filled with sketches.
Other people must have done this as well.
I turned to a clean page. The tip of the pencil touched the white page. Slowly lines started to form. From there a form began. The scratching from the pencil was faint. Wasn’t much pressure on it. It was light lines.
“Finished yet?” a voice breaks my thoughts.
I jump a bit, letting the pencil fall from my hand.
“Well?” the lady asked.
I shook my head. I wasn’t done with it. I was nowhere near done.
“Come on,” she said. Her body moved towards me.
“Um,” I start. “I’m not done.”
She didn’t listen to me. She grabbed the book out of my hands and looked at the page I was working on. Not saying a word she placed the book down and walked out.
“Well?” Ichigo asked getting up from the couch.
“She is under your care.” She looked back at me and then walked away.
Ringo and Ichigo hurried to me. They embraced me in a warm hug.
“Yay!” they cried together.