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all my thoughts and things
Name: Tifie (Pronounced Tea-fee)

Species: Limited shifter

Gender: Female

Age: 118 because of being a limited shifter

Birthday: July 4, 1892


Eastern: Cancer the crab

Western: Dragon

Egyptian: Phoenix

Celtic Tree: Oak

Celtic animal: Wren

Native American: Woodpecker

Aztec: Ocelot

Norse: Fricka/ cat

Canadian: Fox

Totem: Lioness

Appearance: Shoulder blade length hair that is in many layers like this…
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Her usual hair style is a half pony tail. She has many tattoos because she wants to be a unlimited shapeshifter and all the animals on her make her feel like one. Over her right eye is a tattoo of a phoenix in flight. On her left arm up to her shoulder is an emerald snake winding around her arm. On her left wrist are bright orange fox eyes. Over her belly button is a humming bird getting nectar out of a flower that makes up her belly button. Going down her right leg is a Chinese dragon. On her left calf is an ocelot sharpening its claws on a tree. And over her back hips is a lioness laying on its side. She is 5’ 8” and 120 lbs. with a slender build. Her hair is deep brown and her eyes are a deep moss green. Lion form: Her lion form looks basically like a regular lioness but her eyes are a very deep green.

Clothing: She usually wears just a tee- shirt and jeans. She wears the typical teenager fashion and/ or whatever is in style. Her most common outfit is a many layered top with worn down jeans and a belt that doesn’t go through the belt loops. Her most common shoes are just ballet flats and tennis shoes.

Weapon: She doesn’t usually like to fight so she doesn’t use anything but what’s on her body and what she has to work with and her lioness form. If she gets jumped then she just goes into self defense mode and she is usually very successful at stopping her target from harming herself.

Personality: She is very sweet and kind and takes a liking towards animals more than she does people. She just goes along with the crowd and tries not to make a scene or cause a disturbance, but since the abundance of tattoos she stands out and can’t quite make it in the normal world

Bio: Born on a ranch she was raised by her two shifter parents. Her parents taught her about everything they could including the believed to be true shifter drug market and how to avoid becoming a slave or a test subject. Growing to the age where she can go out on her own she went on to try and study nature and it's surroundings. Being alone though caused her to be kidnapped by the people whom she feared. But being so young and beautiful the person who whisked her away couldn't let her undergo the many torturous things that she would have went through. Her savior made it look like she got away on her own and let her go. To this day she still wants to find him and thank him for helping her.

Weakness: Her love for animals

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