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Diary of Poems
Where a good deal of my poetry is archived, please comment ant tell me what you think
... They make a conversation. They break it too. Words can create anything as well as destroy. The funny thing about words though is that we know all the words in the world yet the order we say them in is a little code that triggers the bomb in peoples emotions, sometimes good, sometimes bad making things possibly go up in smoke. Burning flames that make up the mal temper that overheat the cool air of ... forgiveness. Words aren't always straightforward. The biggest thing about words is the communication aspect of it, and how words can be lost in translation. Things can be heard that wasnt actually said. Sometimes words can be reordered to say the very thing you were avoiding. Misconstrued messages are devious blows in this verbal catastrophe yet... can be the most perfect thing to ever be spoken when said correctly. Whether you confess your love and can't get the words out right, or you try to make amends and you only say the verything that need not be spoken, words are a powerful thing to come by.

My words, my writings, my music my... verbal abilities; they just make my life fall apart as I try building a better me. Mentally I can feel myself evolving and even others around me can acknowledge my growth. However, when i speak on it, I deem myself worse off them when I opened my mouth to speak of it. As I write to express my feelings of how sorry I can be, I only show flaws in my apologies and give reasons to be more sorrowful than I began to be. I hope that one day I can open my mind and express myself with my intentions full front and not misconstrued by the things I say that are irrelevant to the matter at hand. I think on the words I say more than the life I live. I put more work in writings than I do in my favorite outdoor past time. Ive put more work in loving others in expression of my words than I have in loving her properly AND in loving myself. Love is an undefinable word by those who know what it is. YOu cant make one solid gesture for it because it beyond human comprehension how exquisitely wonderful it is.... yet alas, words can destroy one's love, just as mine have.

So here I decree my poetry is done, writings, raps, stories, and verbal exceptionist. May my silence be golden, for I am banishing my words...

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commentCommented on: Sat Aug 07, 2010 @ 12:04am
really detrick

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