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the RAD journal Just random stuff that I feel is cool

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This is a SHINee quiz (:

1. Taemin is dressed up in his girl costume, yet again. What do you say?
Taemin... why? Just why?

2. Key is having a lemonade stand, and you are the first customer. He decides to give you free lemonade. What do you say?
Thank you! Is my second one free, too?

3. Onew is being his shy self, and he refuses to dance in front of one of his fans. What do you say to him?
Onew, go ahead and dance. There is no need to be shy. These are fans, and they love you no matter what.

4. Jonghyun is writing lyrics, and Taemin and Key are being childish. What do you expect Jonghyun to say/do?
Stand up and yell at them. Then he'll run into a different room, finish the lyrics, hate them, and throw them away. Then he'll go see Taemin and Key, and scream, "EVEN WHEN YOU TWO ARE BEING LIKE KIDS, I CAN'T FOCUS ON LYRICS!" Then he'll go to bed.

5. Minho and Jonghyun are fighting over who gets to jump off of the diving board first. What do you say?
Jump off of it together. It's possible.

6. You are at school, and Taemin walks into your class, saying that he has to give you something important. What do you do?
Me: Is it my new SHINee socks?
Taemin: No... wait you actually ordered those?
Me: .... Noo
Taemin: Ugh! Just come out in the hall so I can give you the item
Me: Fine -walks out of the class while teacher yells.
Taemin: Good... now let's get outta here -pulls me to limo and drives away.

7. Jonghyun is nervous because he is talking really fast. Will you ask him whats wrong?
Of course I would.

8. Key is asking you to go out to dinner. What do you say?
Sure, but can Megan come? She'll get jealous if I'm out alone with you.

9. What would you tell Taemin that you would not tell anyone else?
That I want to have a sleep over with him ^^

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