Entry for: Sunday, September 10th, 2010

Monday, September 11th, 2010 12:31 am

I've been sick lately, horribly sick. I feel alot better, although I could do without the coughing... ugh. This is my fifth day sick, I won't count tomorrow sick anymore, and I'll be happy to go back to school. smile

Anywho, today was my sister's birthday. We went back to the Coachella Valley last night, arrived at around 9pm. So we went back INTO the US of A after just almost 3 months after moving back to Mexico! biggrin

Our permits will only last until March of 2011, however, and so we won't be able to cross the border until we become legal US Citizens. 3nodding

I got new headphones, rechargeable batteries and a BEAUTIFUL Bible. I'm in love with this new stuff, ESPECIALLY my new Bible, of course. Its small, and its hardback cover looks like the wooden outside of a treasure chest, designed to show that inside this "treasure chest", lies a worlwide treasure: the Word of God. biggrin

I will write a poem this month, not sure about what yet, but I will. (Mostly due to your comment, Chels. 3nodding )

That's all for tonight, Journal. Thanks to all who read this, and to the God of the world, for giving me another night of life to post this, for allowing me to visit my former Church today, for allowing me to receive a new and beautiful Bible. Thank you, Jesus! heart