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I'm the best
Star wars Jedi
"What is Right? When There is so Much Wrong Around Me?"

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They Call Me: Fey Stardancer
My age: Nineteen
Race: Human
Side: Jedi
My history:
At a young age, Fey was found by a traveling tribe of Beast Tamers on the forested planet of Onderon. Unsure of her origins or what to do with her, but not willing to leave such a vulnerable child to fend for herself, they took her in and raised her as their own. At the age of eight she caught the eye of a powerful Jedi Master beyond the walls that protected the citizens of Iziz from the wild beasts that populated the planet's surface. The moment the Jedi Master came in close proximity to the child, he could feel the Force eminating from her. The potential was there, it just needed to be nurtured.

Unwilliing to abandon a child with such potential, the Jedi Master took her in to train her to become a powerful Jedi Knight. His first act was to rename her Fey, a sign of his faith in her, as well as questionable taste in humor. Fey grew attached to her Master and started to feel for him as a daughter would the father she had never had. Something her Master was only too willing to encourage, despite the warnings of the Council against it. As Fey grew in her training, she also showed great natural talent and promise for becoming a strong warrior and maybe one day even to become a Jedi Master. However, good things all too often never last. Inevitably, tragedy struck as her master was taken from her, struck down by some foul source of evil.

She was deeply crushed by this loss; she never desired for anything to happen to him. A new Master Jedi tried to take her up and to continue her training, as was custom. This new Master however, desired her to lead a different path than her Father-figure had intended. This imposter wanted to make a scholar out of her, rather then a knight. Naturally such an idea did not sit well with her, and so she started to became more rebellious. Struggling within herself, she wanted to continue her old master's teachings and make him proud. By now she is hardly the girl she once was. Over time her actions became more and more open and she has almost gone rogue; wanting to find her Master's killers. Unsure of what she plans to do once she finds them, she atleast wants to look into the face of her Master's killer or killers and see them for who they really are.

Still, going off on her own may not be the wisest idea. While she may be smart and clever, her naiveity and malliability makes her a prime target for the forces of not only the Sith, but a number of unsavory figures all wanting to lash out at the Jedi who ruined their lives. In addition of that, while she may be a wonderful fighter she lacks the battle experience that is often required to surive. With little encouragement or support, some days, the only thing that keeps her moving forward is her faith in the force and the memories and the teachings of her old master.

Force Powers:
Force repulse
Force push
Force speed

Armor and Weapon(s):
She has a very unique style of dress. With her under clothes but she often wears a robe and a cloak that cover but she can pull them off, she pefers to dress in layers but likes her how she dresses under those robes. She uses a single purple lightsaber; She relies on her agility rather then brute strength. In fighting, you will come to find she is ambidextrous in combat rabidly changing her lightsaber from hand to hand from left to right; so you never know which hand to block.
Theme Song: Time of Dying By 3 Days Grace
Background Song: Terra's Theme by Final Fantasy

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