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zOMG is international
XAssassin NinjaX: do u guys live in long beach

MeruRose: no... I live in New Zealand

Hallows: um no, you've got the wrong country

MeruRose: where do you live Hallows?

Hallows: canada biggrin

XAssassin NinjaX: i like canada but its far is canada north of the map?

Hallows: no canada IS the map

Hallows: fool

MeruRose: XD

Hallows: stop being such an ignorant american

XAssassin NinjaX: im not amrican...

Hallows: YOU ARE NOW!

XAssassin NinjaX: wow ur stuborn

Hallows: yes i am ^^

Hallows: its the canadian in me

Hallows: it must be all that moose pee i guzzle whilst watching my hockey

MeruRose: LOL

XAssassin NinjaX: rofl

Hallows: and of course we get cable in the igloos

Hallows: fool

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