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"you're a forbidden fruit........

User Image Mae Mae says:User Image

Gifts Given so far:

Usagi- bubble power transform 65k
Jer- blue acinonyx 60k
Inferno Breeze- Sunshine Obi 11,980
Goddess of great- Heavenly Drapes 29,999
Kitcat6363- Ornate Snowflake 19,500
Inferno- Mint Beret 4,800
Lili- Purple Baby's Breath Bow 3,800
XxXWyldkat1996XxX- Bonne Fire 67,899
Inferno Breeze- Ornate Teal Blossom Hairpin 9,900
T3h Jinji- Hot Cocoa 300g
BlackSharpiieMarker- Hot Cocoa 300g
iiAppleCider- Hot Cocoa 300g
Lili- Purple Babydoll Gloves 310g
JerXD: Gingerbread Cookie 1,890
songlover 16- 2k10 scarf 2,300
kitcat6363- Candycorn Headband 2,200
iiAppleCider- Red Dutiful Butler Shirt and Vest 10,800
JerXD- Ireful Marksman 71,000
cicil0ve- -.- glasses 30,000
songlover16- Frigid Night Jewel 79,000
iiAppleCider- Ruru the cat 435,000
Wyldcat- 50,000

Gifts Received so far:

Shanra the Dragon Bard: Royal Wizard
JerXD: Luck Key
Celestial_Winters: Blue Cloudy Short Kimono
Alexanator: 4th anniversary roman candle
ChibiShiro: Mrs claus skirt
HepCat: frigid night jewel
Jer: winterland snowball
BlackSharpiieMarker: Winged Kerchief
BlackSharpiieMarker: 50,000
Inferno Breeze: Ireful Marksman
T3h Jinji: Owlpocolypse
iiAppleCider: SUGARSUITE!!!!!!!!
rinlee: hot cup of tea
Wyldkat1996: Titan's Legacy

Contests Won:
Roi's Dress-up as Sugarplum: Pora Ice Prize

.......tastier than all the rest"

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