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Life with a Penguin on my Head
Record 18
December 8, 2010
11:56 P.M.

I am currently on the verge of tears over what I have just read on youtube.com. I was watching a 2ne1 video for my own enjoyment: I'm a big fan of K-pop and J-pop. While I was listening to the song "Don't stop the Music", I scrolled down the page to read some of the comments. I like to hear other peoples feedback, when it doesn't cross the line.

There I saw a horrible comment posted by a "samarai1726." In it this slanderous piece of trash stated and I quote:
"disgusting dirty ugly korean!!!!

don't come to Japan!!!

kpop is a parasite steal JAPANESE money !!!

JPOP WINNER! Kpop Loser!!!"

Apparently he had been posting comments like this on every K-pop song he watched. I was so offended by his slanderous and cruel comments, that I decided to go to his profile to see what the deal was. There on his profile were such comments as "Japanese Dog!!!" and "J-pop is poop!" I can understand these peoples outrage, but these comments hurt me more than his own.

I say to you samarai1726, you disgrace your family, your country, and most of all you disgrace every J-pop band you ever claimed to be a fan of. You have dishonored J-pop in general and for that, you deserve nothing more than being berated for the rest of your life.

What really hurts is the comments made on his profile about J-pop. These people were so mad at this man/woman, the resorted to the same acts of hate that he did and for that I feel the most pain. Racism is not the solution to racism! He made a bad comment and for that he will pay, but doing the same thing to his profile only continues the vicious cycle, only you hurt even more people in the process. I love J-pop just as much as I love K-pop, and to see both slandered on the same day has driven me to tears. I ache for this because I absolutely love these two genres.

This event has rocked me to my core, and now I feel so much emotional pain, I don't know what to do. I can only hope that what I have said has made an impact on some of you who have decided to read my journal. I love you all and I thank you for letting me rant. To say the least, you have provided me with a hypothetical shoulder to cry on.

As I stated before, I love you all. Good night!

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