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A lot has happened today. Almost too much to put on one page...

First thing that happened was that my hair has grown much longer but returned to brown and all my black hair lay on the floor. My skin seems like it shed. But my eyes still glow. But the infected Notice me a bit more.

We also started our Journey for father and friends. With some degree of luck. A safe room door near a port had a message for me from father so I know he at least got this far. We also found the Gang again who said that they are waiting for a Chopper from a military base in New Orleans to get them. Apparently Nick and crew are there but no one from Dads group. Keith and Ray are going with them and I will be staying behind to find Dad and group to bring them to the military base. But it will be 3 days until they can get them so they said to make base and camp out until they can reach us.

Apparently there are many survivors out there and they Chopper is going of the closer ones first and us last. So we found a bridge that has been raised near a port and a small bar with both doors and windows on the bottom smashed open but the upstairs secure. So we looked around for Supplies. The only building we did search was a large green factory looking building across from us because debris blocks two many entryways. They think it has supplies in it but we don't have the strength to move the rubble today.

So we cleaned the bar, blocked the windows and one door and took a safe-room door from the lower part of the dock and put it as the front door.
We decorated the room


This was the main floor, the tables were small round ones with two country style chairs and each by a window and the jukebox was retro and yellow and still worked, the bar had the back selves with booze, a long table, and 4 stools going along it. the small tables were light brown and the bar section was all cherry red. the walls were peeling but a nice eggshell white. the floors wooden but faded by time and the upstairs just had a few pool tables and bordered up windows and a door.

the place wasn't much but the bar had a mini fridge and a small stove, that all ran on electricity, and we started up a generator to the back of the area about a 30 second walk away from us behind some construction stuff. It was loud but no infected were anywhere to be seen. Everyone put there drinks in the fridge as well as there food. and we crashed for the night.

Oh and our journey did consist of much. Rob left us like 3 minutes in to fend off infected then to bury his son and we did see him after that. We waited two hours in the cold but he never showed so we wrote a HUGE note on the wall where he told us to wait and said how to reach us. From there we found some commons.. the minute ray would peek his head around a corner they would come running at us. usually only 5-8 at a time. Not bad for commons, Oh and they actually attacked me. But it was only after Ray or Kieth would shove them off so I still think I have some of the infection in me.. Well my eyes are kind of a give away.

We ran into some trouble with a Witch and Jockey. The b*****d jumps on my head. scratching at my eyes and pulling at my spine, blood pouring from my eyes and back I give into the jockey and he slammed me into the witch. Of course the b***h got pissed and tried to kill me. She spread her arms wide open and I thrusted my gut backwards then she aimed for my head and once again I did a good dodge. It was like she was in slow-motion. So I punted her in the.. vage for lack of a better of a better word, and she fell but quickly got up and slashed my knee good, I fell on my knee and my head was a perfect target so I rolled on the ground and slammed my leg into her calf and she went down. She didn't move for a few seconds but I knew the fight wasn't over. As I got up to get my Katana she pushes her long ... fingers or nails or whatever they are into my gut, my felt like she shoved bone into me it was so painful for only a second then I shoved her off me and my wound didn't close but it stopped bleeding and clotted all around it. So i got my Katana and tried to get a good shot at the head too bad she is a quick b***h and I missed and took her arm off, then she let out a ghastly moan and I could hear a horde coming so I stabbed my sword through her head and then into her heart and tried to find Ray and Keith who were in a neighboring store and apparently didn't hear this epic fight going on.

So I gave them a good beating and we packed up some can goods and clothes into our bags and left only to find Commons galore and a few Hunters, Smokers and a Spitter to come great us. We slammed the doors shut and loaded our guns. I got my Katana ready and opened the door and ran out. I closed it on my way out so the guys could finished getting ready. The commons were no problem at all but the Hunters gave me a few problems and the smoker across from us in an apartment building, he was on the 6th floor I think and had a good shot, he grabbed Kieth but didn't have him for long ray head shotted him and two hunters all within 30 seconds. really epic if I do say so my self and that was that, other than a smoker trying to get me on the way back into the store we made it out all right.

Oh and because I had this feeling I was going to start living like a normal person again I bough some more colourful clothes and a bag as well as some headphones for this MP3 player I had been bringing with me for a while. I had almost forgot about it. I had everything my headphones because they broke when the Chopper crashed after the hospital incident, It still had some juice and I had a cable but I didn't have anything to plug it into. Until now that is. But that's all that really happened that's worth mentioning and tomorrow we begin digging out the old factory house and cleaning out the area and setting traps or something. I guess I'll have to ask Keith to repeat some of the speech for me. I wasn't really paying attention. Time for some Lady GaGa then sleep.

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