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Death in this world brings sadness and cries. Who can stop them? No one. If people would just remember God has a plan for them. And if its time for them to die they will learn to deal with it. I wrote this journal entry cause someone(not saying names) lost their best friends today. I felt really bad when they told me. Listen the person whose name i cant say you know who you are just know that God had a plan for them. I wish you happiness that will come soon.

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Sat Jan 22, 2011 @ 05:55am

i told u that not to long ago if there is a god he wouldnt let kids die everyday he would save them from horrible things thats happening everyday murders.rapes, kidnapping and put throw sex trades if he truly loved everyone he wouldnt let that happen god is a figure man created to hide there fear of death i casted him away long ago the only people i care about now are the people i can truly trust the ones that can prove thay are what thay say thay are i only live to find my true friends and to find my true love when i find her and i know she is my everything it will be proven and ill stop at nothing to make her dreams come true i will be complete only when i find her and make her the happiest person in the world my quest has true my motives and my love is pure after ur hurt to many time only the one that can prove it matters everyone else is just an illusion it hurts me to say this but i think u are or were the one i wanted but i just need the true to seal my fate im not afraid of death or anything in this world but being hurt by illusions

User Comments: [1]
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