Over the past few days, I've been listening to Michael Wong/Wong Guang Liang and Jay Chou/Chou Jey Ran(sp?). Mandarin music has always been a small part of my music library. sweatdrop Maybe a few songs. I looked up more of Jay Chou on Youtube, and his music is usually calming. sweatdrop I like drawing natural scenery with the rhythm of Nocturne in the background.

I guess music has a big influence on me. I've only recently listened to this, and the lyrics are moving heart I listen to Cai Hong/Rainbow all day, basically. Even
when I play FPS Combat Arms (calming music + getting kills = whaaat?) I'm listening to it even as I type this. -shotshotshot- gonk I liked Jay on Facebook. /stalker I wanna watch Green Hornet as well. heart

I actually haven't been on Gaia in a while (since my first register? o.0) so this is a first for me! biggrin I think there are people out there who also enjoy Jay's music..I'll look on the forums over the day, and I'll add another entry as I find more. heart I think I'm going to lurk the forums. I've also recently changed my username..so if anyone get's confused, I'm formerly Hanabi Lin (for anyone who's reading this) whee

Favourite songs of by Jay Chou

Nocturne/Ye Que
Rainbow/Cai Hong
Dandelion's Promise/(something something Yue Ding o_O)
I'm Not Worthy/Wo Bu Pei
Simple Love/Jian Dan Ai
Orange Jasmine


I don't usually sit around writing journals on Gaia every Saturday at noon..maybe I should, haha. By tomorrow, a post of this length will probably be shortened to a few paragraphs sentence or twoone.
I'm always changing my mind, planning for tomorrow. I could post later on today, I'll see what I can do.