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SydneyVictoria's Journal
A simple little journal where I keep important things I don't want on my profile (Usually to save space.) My avi art, updates about me, and dream avatars are kept here.
Cheapies Wishlist ~ Read
All of these are under 20,000 gold.

Durem Depot
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpins
Rose Bands
Raving Goggles
Cobweb Headpieces
Newsboy Caps
Sweet Lace Alices Bows
Sweet Lace Headbands
Meido Ruffled Headbands
Frilled Hats
Gunner Tops
Dead Sexy Coats
Drop Dead Gorgeous Gowns
Apocaripped Coats
G-LOL Mistress Tops
Gunner Coats
Web Shirts
G-LOL Dollie Tops
Heartbreaker Jackets
Moira's Jackets
G-LOL Gowns
Maids Dress
Meido Dresses
Sweet Lace Blouses
Robo Heroine Trenchcoats
G-LOL Mistress Skirts
Vinyl Strap Pants
Sweet Lace Skirts
Apocaripped Pants
G-LOL Dollie Socks
G-LOL Mistress Boots
Drop Dead Gorgeous Heels
G-LOL Dollie Shoes
G-LOL Slippers
Sweet Lace Knee Socks
Sweet Lace Mary-Janes
Sweet Lace Rockinghorse Shoes
Thigh-high Boots
Dead Sexy Skull Pins
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Chokers
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Earrings
Apocaripped Scarfs
Rocker Ties
Spider Chokers
Moira's Studded Collars
Gothic Bat Chokers
Meido Simple Aprons
Ribbon Luv Sleeves

Barton Boutique
Skull Eye Patch
Bat Eye Patch
Were Mask
Morgana's Hat
Cat Masks
Bakeneko Facepaints
Dark Mistress Wigs
Long Bi-Color Costume Wigs
Candy Corn, Grim, and Striped Witchling Hats
Cat Tails
Bakeneko Tops
Bakeneko Tails
Morgana's Dress
Sugarplum Bodices
Candy Corn, Grim and Striped Witchling Dresses
Bakeneko Bottoms
Sugarplum Tutus
Cat Toes
Witch Shoes
Were Feet
Cat Collars
Bakeneko Ears
Sugarplum Puff Sleeves
Witch Cape
Doll Ears
Morgana's Gloves
Cat Paws
Were Claws
Candy Corn, Grim, and Striped Witchling Brooms
Silver Automaton Arm

Gambino Outfitters
Sasha's Hibiscus'
Porcelina Soft Berets
Knitted Berets
Woven Sun Hats
Bubbles Tankini Tops
Pajama Shirts
Butterfly Terrycloth Tube Tops
Sparkle Empire Dresses
Sasha's Bikini Tops
Picnic Sun Dresses
Little Black Dresses
Hibiscus Halter Dresses
Warm Hearts Coats
Bubbles Tankini Bottoms
Flared Jeans
Simple Skirts
Ribbon Skirts
Sasha's Sarongs
Pajama Slippers
Lace-up Cork Sandals
Porcelina Prim Booties
Warm Hearts Capelets
Inner Tubes
Porcelina Lacy Gloves
Warm Hearts Muffs

Global Imports
Lovely Genie Sets
Ritzy Wigs
Saloon Girl Sets
Canterbury Hats
Geisha Wigs
Onyx Milady Headpiece
Tavern Wench Sets
Kachina Dancer Sets
Mandarin Boleros
Victoribelle Day Dresses
Lace Tabis
Elegant Feathered Masks
Victoribelle Lace Fans
Victorianna Floral Fans
Elegant Fans

H&R Wesley
Missy Ribbons
Champagne Party Sets
Elegant Ribbons
Jenny's A-line Dresses
Missy Dresses
School Uniform Sets
Flow Prom Dresses
Felicia's Gowns
Alice's Dresses
Jenny's Open-Toe Shoes
Felicia's Shoes
Missy Shoes
Audrey's Strap Heels

Jock Strap
Head Bandage
Tennis Headbands
Nurse Sets
Lifeguard One Piece Swimsuits
Cheerleader Sets
Tennis Dresses
Ice Champion Shimmer Dresses
Ice Champion Glitter Dresses
Pleated Tennis Skirts
Ice Champion Glitter Pants
Ice Skates
Eye Bandage
Arm Bandage
Arm Sling
Sports Bags

Junk in the Trunk
One Piece Swimsuits
Skinny Jeans
KoNfUzEd RAiNbOw ToE SoX
KoNfUzEd MoNoChRoMe ToE SoX
Shoes with Loose Socks
Band Style Eye Patches

Ruby's Rack
Traveller Caps
Sweetheart Bonnets
Partition Sets
Sun Daze Dresses
Tea Time Waitress Dresses
Soft 'n' Fuzzy Coats
Sweetheart Sets
Ribboned Black Cat Hooded Jumpers
Deluxe Ribbon Stockings
Umbrella Buddies
Paint Splatters
Painter's Pallettes
Student Sketchbooks

Barton Jewelers
Oval Hairpins
Heart Hairpins
Reversible Bracelets
Milk Quartz Earrings
Milk Quartz Headbands
Lakshmi Earrings
Blossom Combs
Blossom Hairpins
Heart Shaped Box of Sweets

Skin Tyte
Dark Elf Potions
Vampire Potion
Human Potions(A,B,F)
Elven Ears
Devil and Angel Imp Potions
Blessed Stellarite

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    Community Member

    Tue Feb 22, 2011 @ 10:42pm

    I just realize some of the potions are over 20k.

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