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Diary of Poems
Where a good deal of my poetry is archived, please comment ant tell me what you think
You ******** stupid like my d**k in your brain
Having ideas about me, but an idea just came
to the mind, not yours but mine, brain juices spillin
and Imma record the sound of my voice lyrically killin
all the b***h a**, selfish, no good lyin bastards
who married one another and the truth was born after
looked at the math, i seen all the truth, im not looking back
stole my happiness from me, well now you can have it back
Im jumpin on niggas cases; briefcase with springs attached
divorcin the bullshit of love, got all my s**t packed
im loaded ***** get the ******** back before I spray you down
tell your baby that im not ******** playin, lay it down
hoppin on my d**k like you gay, f*****t jump off
before I take out my trash to the river and have you dumped off
sniper rifle lyrics, my targets; missed none at all
understand Im hard in the paint, since you wanna ball
Using all my bread, like you a starving pigeon
but I wont take the life of a *****; just not my religion
I see good things in my future, with this blurry vision
why, cuz neither of you in it, cuz nobody wanna listen
to the ******** real s**t that another ***** wanna speak
so then shut that ******** s**t up, if you wanna call me weak
you wouldnt drop ya balls if they was heavy enough
im ready to bust on any chick you ready to ********
switch up the verses, for im ready to nut
on top of any reason you giving a ********
about the s**t that I say
why you rolling my way
wat was that you wanna say
shut that s**t and stay away

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