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Every1 h8s me
Okay so I have to get this off my chest and I was going to write this down, but i like typing better. Anyone reading this do not be offend I was pissed off, so there will b a lot of cussing...maybe. I'm not usually like this but I could not help it. So here we go:

I was home yesterday(wensday) on the computer finishing up some homework and downloading a game(which i will not play probably..iris online..). My dad like freaks out telling me to coming downstairs, he's working on the flooring and is all ready made at that. But he sees where my cat uses the bathroom and freaks! Okay, to explain my cat...she is very old. I've had her since i was in first grade, and i think she had a stroke or something, cause she now urinates next to the litter box on newspaper I put down. Well, I neglected the duty and my father is yelling at me to take care of it. So I go and try to do the duty(it was not even that bad at all), but we were out of newspaper because it went in the recycling.

SO I tell my dad that while i go upstairs to finish my work on my computer. Well, that only lasted a few mins. Then i was yelled at again to come downstairs. That is when my father told me to get off the F-ing computer and don't get on it for the rest of the night. Also, "Your going to sit in that chair for the rest of the night, unless you go help mom in the kitchen!" A few more cuss words do to the flooring and me. So I go and help my mom.

She tells me to make some cookies, so I start and my mom is watching me cause she is making dinner too. She gets some ingredients out, and thats when the yelling with her starts. I guess it was my fault...that the brown sugar was left open(so it all hard and crap), and there was a pile of white sugar behind the container(that was my fault too). I tell her that it was not my fault, I don't use sugar!! But that does not help, and i guess I'm not stirring the batter right, and i have to pick out the lumps of brown sugar. I was then told I had to bake all the cookies, even though I had martial arts to go to.

Oh yeah and all during this yelling there is a thunderstorm going on in the background. I love storms and this was not the way to bring in the first one of the season.

So while i'm making cookies, I'm eating dinner by myself and I listen to my parents and sister complain about s**t and stuff dealing with me. My sis gets PO'd at me cause the previous day I ate the last of the fritoes. Not like she needs that crap, shes mad cause she can't lose weight so she starves herself and then eats a ton of crap food. I eat rly healthy and only eat bad stuff for the calories, I burn them vry fast with all the exercise i get. So she is mad at me and i'm like almost in tears in the kitchen. Well I finish baking and head up stairs to get ready to go to MA. Though first I make a new playlist for the car: (note this my most darkest music on my ipod)
1 Forever Dead Sevendust Cold Day Memory Disc 1 Metal
2 U Should Have Killed Me When U Had The Chance A Day To Remember Old Record Rock
3 Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man) Set Your Goals This Will Be the Death of Us Alternative
4 Bars In Astoria Emmure Felony Rock
5 Safe to Say Vanna A New Hope Alternative
6 For the Record Every Time I Die New Junk Aesthetic (Bonus Track Version) Alternative
7 Boneyards Parkway Drive Horizons Alternative
8 The Thespian Alesana The Emptiness Alternative
9 It Was Written In Blood Bring Me the Horizon Suicide Season (Deluxe) Alternative
10 Disengage Suicide Silence No Time to Bleed (Bonus Track Version) Rock
11 I Can't Decide There for Tomorrow A Little Faster Alternative
12 Believe Aiden Conviction Alternative
13 Coffee Break Forever The Sickest Kids Underdog Alma Mater Alternative
14 America Underwater Lovehatehero America Underwater Alternative
15 Deadlines There for Tomorrow There for Tomorrow Alternative
16 To The Core Rise Against Revolutions Per Minute Punk
17 Miserable At Best Mayday Parade A Lesson In Romantics Alternative
18 Cover Up Trapt Only Through the Pain Alternative
19 In Fate's Hands The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Don't You Fake It Rock

So I blare the CD in my bro's car. I speed cause it feels good and that car is fast. It has a tail pipe on it close to a Cherry bomb, so its epic. It turns heads.

I get to practice, pumped and ready to hit the crap out of something, but first I tell me buddies about my night. They agree that i need to beat the crap out of something. So were warming up and were a mix group of ages and the MMA fighters were with us too. Our sensei, who is a pro MMA fighter now, gives us jumping jacks and push ups and planks. I'm complaining, cause that what I do when we warm up, though not as much as i usually do. All I said was 'wow my shoulders hurt," and I break to rotate them, my friend says why? I tell her I'm a swimmer and they should not get so tight. all the while were doing more warm up and its longer then usual. Finally one of my adult friends says "SHUT UP!" when the warm up was not that bad at all! But to make matter worse some 40 yr old dude named Greg walks all the way over from one side of the room. Gets in my face and says "You know why were taking so long is because you guys are talking." and then runs back to where he came from.

OMFG!!! I was so F-ing P!$$ED. I came to vent and get out of the house, not to be yelled at there! We finish and sensei said "Okay so now that we are acting like a martial arts class....." That just made me want to get up and leave. Which is what
I should have done. I should have taken that car and driven it out to my friends house and talked to her. But in reality I stayed, and shut my emotions off there too. So all night i was emtionless, and was paired up with Greg who beat me up, saying hit me, c'mon hit me. News flash dumb @$$, I'm a girl!! I hit lighter!! his hooks to my head nearly knocked me out!

So after that I went home to be yelled at some more about my cat....then I went in my room and stayed in there till this morning....where more yelling happened.

Note: not once did i yell back. I simple state my demands and turn of emotions and sucked up their blows. I'm not one to let anger take control, one reason why i think most ppl yell at me to begin with. I don't answer back, I hold my tongue like I was taught.

That was my worst day, so far....

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