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Diary of Poems
Where a good deal of my poetry is archived, please comment ant tell me what you think
Who Is My Friend?
Crowds of people, yet I walk alone in life. Peers of mine... I can't seem to find by my side as a friend should be. Should I not look for people who share common interests as I, and develop a bond that binds our fates together as comrades through thick and thin? Searching for riders yet they have no engine but while I raise the bar, people still cant find signal, and they wonder why I dont call them. I give to people when I have nothing and still others rob my charity funds while I try harder for those who stole from me to begin with. Why my friends have gone mobile and disbanded while life was in such harmony, or was I listening to the wrong tune? Lately, I've been on my own and no one seems to help now. It comes here and there but I look at those I see and I dont see the same person anymore. I reminisce on those who I wish never changed, including me. Sometimes, time should sit still so you can enjoy the moment more. But as life goes on, I cant see as many friends in my life as I did before. I live a constant lie now until I can find a new direction to change into. Let reality cover me in truth and maybe a shower of common sense. Cap my head in intelligence, and walk in the right doors of judgement as I shut out the people I dont need behind me. Time to go to work sitting down reading the paperwork of who I need to fire. As much as it will hurt me, Im going to sleep alone tonight because I dont know what friends I have to call... my own.

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commentCommented on: Tue Mar 08, 2011 @ 04:45am
I can be your friend. (:

commentCommented on: Tue Mar 08, 2011 @ 04:57am
smile Ty lol you can add me if you like

Detrick II
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