Where, When, Events and Victory

-Fort Michilimackinac on Mackinac Island in the channel joining Lake Huron and Lake Michigan

- Roberts was accompanied by 180 Canadian and half-breed employees, and the schooner Caledonia, two parties of Native Americans provided him with 300 Ojibways and Ottawas and 110 Sioux, Menominee and Winnebago Indians

- On 16 July Roberts embarked this force on the Caledonia and a flotilla of canoes, reaching Mackinac Island at 3am on July 17. During the 50-mile journey, they captured an American scout

- By now it was too late. The Canadians had managed to get a cannon (6-pdr) onto the top of a hill that overlooked the fort.

- Hanks were outnumbered by almost ten-to-one and his fort was not built to withstand even a small-scale artillery bombardment.

- At 10am Captain Roberts summoned Hanks to surrender. Aware of his hopeless position, and concerned that his troops might be massacred by the Indians if a fight developed, Hanks agreed to surrender with the full honours of war.

- Three British deserters in the garrison were seized, but otherwise his men were freed on parole. Much to Robert’s pleasure his Indian allies then returned to their canoes without any problems.

- Later British victories would be marred in many eyes by massacres after the battle. In the aftermath of his victory, Roberts moved his base to Fort Michilimackinac.


-The capture of Mackinac Island transformed the situation in Upper Canada

-The British retained control of the area throughout 1813, and were able to make great use of their Natives allies in the fighting to the east

- The news of the American defeat at Mackinac Island also played a significant part in the British capture of Detroit

- Hull was already beginning to lose his nerve before news of the British victory on Lake Huron was confirmed on August 2

- After considering launching an attack on the British position at Fort Malden, on August 8 he retreated back to Detroit

- On August 16, under pressure from a British attack, he surrendered Detroit and his entire force


Who Was Involved?

Lieutenant Porter Hanks (America)
§ The commander at Fort Michilimackinac
§ His position was not strong
§ Hanks had a garrison of 61 United States regulars to defend his position

Captain Charles Roberts (Britain)

§ The British commander at Fort St. Joseph
§ Was in no better a position
§ His own fort was even weaker that Fort Michilimackinac

Natives and Canadians

§ 180 Canadian and half-breed employees
§ 300 Ojibways and Ottawas
§ 110 Sioux, Menominee and Winnebago

From The Textbook

Where and when did this battle took place?

- Fort Michilimackinac …on Mackinac Island …in the channel joining Lake Huron and Lake Michigan

Who was involved?
- British soldiers, fur traders, Native allies, Americans, British reinforcements (they were on the way there)

Events of the battle
- British soldiers, fur traders and Native allies captured Fort Michilimackinac on Mackinac Island in the channel joining Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Since British reinforcements were coming, Hull decided returned to Detroit (he surrendered).

Who won?
- I guess the British/Canadians/Natives razz

in case I missed anything, all this info is from the text book and http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/battles_mackinac_island_1812.html

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