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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
Desire Radioplay Audition!!
What if you could be like a GOD and make whatever you Desire come to fruition? Would you strive for this power? Or would you destroy those who have it to maintain the balance?

- I want to be able to understand you! Clear mic is needed. If you can remove static or background noise, perfect.
- EMOTIONS! I NEED THEM FOR VOICE ACTING! If your auditions fail to give me the kind of emotion I want then your chances of being accepted will be next to zero.
- DEDICATION! I don't want to have to recast! If you send in your audition, and I accept you, there will be no backing out!
- If you have Skype GREAT! Better chance of being accepted. If you don't... download it. ;3
- Send in your auditions as a Video Response OR PM it to me.
- INCLUDE in your audition or PM me the following information: Your name, your screen name, who you're auditioning for, your Skype add, and your email.
- People who are casted as MAIN characters may not voice Minor or Extra characters... unless I think you can handle it.

These are the ones I have right now. I'll hold more auditions in the near future if all things go well.

The story will follow these four friends. They are thrown into a world where they discover that all is not as it seems.

Age 17-18
Daughter of a wealthy man. Everything is handed to her but she is unsatisfied with life. She is beautiful and friendly.
Voice Type: Not too high, not too low. Medium pitch. Must be able to do TWO different personalities! Since she's pretty much the LEAD female character, I'm going to be strict on this one.

1. [Worried, soft whisper] I need to get out of this house, Nate. I can't continue living like this!
2. [Angry, panic] You said we'd get out of here! And now I'm stuck with some kind of weird... thing on me!? What is this!?
3. [Running (that means heavy breathing), concerned] We're running out of time...! We... we can just stop it right...? With our Desire? If we focus enough... we can do it... can't we?
(Optional) 4. [Happy] -gasp- Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Age 16-17
Another rich girl. Unlike Rachel, Cassie is happy and cheerful. She's the sunshine in the rain! Cassie is loved by almost everyone she meets because of her drive to make people smile. Innocent and quite naive.
Voice type: Medium-high. She's usually hyper/really excited. Like Rikku from FFx-FFx2

1. [Hyper but don't talk too fast] PLEASE tell me CANCEL the party!!
2. [Concerned, angry] Why aren't you stopping her!?
3. [Excited] Yayy!! The beach, the beach!!
(Optional)4. [Panic] -screams- Earthquake!!!

Age 18-19
Coming from a wealthy family, Nathan is expected to take over his father's company. He is smart and calculating as well as a fighter to protect those he cares about. Nathan is Rachel's boyfriend.
Voice type: Mature, but I don't want anyone sounding too old for Nathan. He's a leader-type so I can't have him sounding weak. I'm looking for someone close to a mature Sasuke Uchiha or Dean Winchester from Supernatural <3

1. [Angry] Touch her again and I'll rip your damn arms off.
2. [Cocky, provocative] Hmph, you think you can do better? Bring it on.
3. [Loving, worried] Are you tired? Come here, you're shaking...
4. [Rushed, strong and firm] Chris, don't let them out of your sight. Keep heading straight and DON'T come back! If I'm not there in five minutes... then just keep going.

Age 18-19
From a line of doctors, Christopher is the genius in the family. He takes care of the group and often acts as a parent towards everyone. Still, he knows how to have fun and is a great friend to have. Chris is Cassie's boyfriend.
Voice Type: Chris is friendly but he's no weakling. Medium low voice, similar to Nathan's.

1. [Friendly, brotherly] So! Who wants breakfast?
2. [Amused, daring] Trying to play the hero, Nate? Don't go stealing the spotlight, now.
3. [Surprised] W-what is this place? How did we even survive this long?
4. [Soft, comforting] It’s alright, Cassie... I'm here.

Here are the main characters. They play a large role in the story. I need these spots filled!!

Age 42
Rachel's father and co founder of a multimillion corporation. He is always busy but tries to make time for his daughter. He is kind of the bad guy here.
Voice type: Old, but not ancient. He needs to have a strong, strict, leader-like voice. You need to be able to have a kind voice when talking to Rachel, though.

1. [Strong, firm] No, Rachel. I said NO.
2. [Scoldingly] It was you who did that to her, Alan. YOU couldn't control your powers.
3. [Solemn, trying to be happy] Yes... she wanted to give it to you herself but... h-happy birthday, Rachel.
(Optional) 4. [Evil laugh]

Age 23
Jessica is one of the people who have who has powers in this story. She is working under Jonathan and has turned against her brother and grandfather. She is flirty and will put up a fight to anyone who gets in her way. Jessica is one of Jonathan's assassins.
Voice type: Medium-ish. Seductive.

1. [Seductive, playful] It isn't MY fault, Alan.
2. [Calm, slightly angry] You want to lose your hand that badly?
3. [Playful] Nu-a-ah~ It’s rude to point a gun at a woman.
(Optional) 4. [Raised voice, excited] You think you can stop my burning Desire? [Laugh] THINK AGAIN!

Age 19
Another individual who has powers. He is innocent but he all he wants is to live in peace. Unfortunately for him, the desire of others outweighs his own.
Voice type: I want someone who can portray a wide range of emotions. From someone who just wants to go home and to someone who wants you dead.

1. (Solemn, trying to be happy) I just wanted to live in peace... [Change to anger] Now I just want you dead. All of you!
2. [Pleading] Just come back! Please, Jessica! There's no one else...
3. [Happy] It’s nice to have some company... make yourselves at home.
(Optional) 4. [Enraged] Don't touch her!! I'll kill you!

Here are minor characters! They still play a big-ish role so I definitely need them.

Age 20
He is the youngest scientist working under Jonathan. Victor is kind of a good guy but he's stuck with the bad guys for now.
Voice type: Someone... oh, I dunno.. Smart? x3

1. [Deep thought, analyzing] If someone that young can become a carrier... why did the senior experiments die so quickly?
2. [Revelation] So through this... I can obtain their power? Amazing! To think it was so simple!

Age 26
Rachel's personal maid. She works for Jonathan, so she is a bit strict towards Rachel but will understand when a girl needs her space. She has become like a mother-figure for Rachel throughout her childhood.
Voice type: Sophisticated. Motherly.

1. Good morning, Miss Rachel. Would you like your breakfast here or in the dining room?
2. Please inform me when you wish to leave, Miss Rachel.
3. Sir Jonathan! I wasn't expecting you to be home so soon.

She's another rich girl and she damn well knows it. Olive is popular and mean. She wants the whole world to revolve around her. She MIGHT be bumped up to one of the Major character list.
Voice type: Medium. Gimme your best mean-pretty girl voice.

1. Move it, Barbie! Get out of the way!
2. Uhm, excuse me? Since WHEN were you allowed to talk over me?
3. That just makes me all the more better than you. It definitely shows who he cares about the most, right?

Valerie is pretty, but she's quite mindless. She isn't a blonde, per say... but she can't really think for herself. She follows Olive's every command
Voice type: Airhead-ish. Light-medium.

1. Y-yeah! What she said!
2. Olive says no. And I think she's right. She's always right.
3. H-hi Nathan......

Here are EXTRAS! Anyone who is accepted to have a MAIN character CANNOT take these roles... unless I think it’s alright.

Background voices. Main one to try out for is a Flight attendant.
Voice type: All ranges
Flight attendant: Please fasten your seatbelts and return your seats to their upright position.
[Make up your own and send it to me!]

Background voices.
Voice type: All ranges
Security: Hey! You! Get back to class!!
[Make up your own and send it to me!]

Aaand that's the most of it! Deadline will be on April 2nd! Results will be uploaded on April 9th. Good luck!!

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