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With Everything Going On, this is MY Release.
This is your basic journal. I intend on writing about everything on my mind. I might even write original stories, poems, the list continues. I never really kept much in written journals seeing as to how I never really have the time, but I intend to c
Dysfunctional People in a Dysfunctional Family
Yep, you read it right, I called my family dysfunctional. Here's why, no one under this roof tries to reach out and understand one another. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm all awesome in the butt, but I will try to let my story out.
I wake up to yelling. Not an unusual start for me, except I can't necessarily handle yelling like others can. I don't have much of a tolerance for it. So I wake up, and begin my weekend ritual. Shower and hang the heck out in the garage, my haven outside of my room. i love hanging out here, it's peaceful and has everything I need. SO, as I walk outside I can hear my parental unit and my Aunt talking in our native language. I hear from my Aunt that she is stressed out completely and can't take it anymore. Mind you, this is the lady who's driven me crazy, and I am STILL recovering from that incident.
A while back, maybe three or four years ago, my dad took in a couple of kids. These kids are my cousin's an accident occurred and social services got involved. So the deal was that if we didn't take them in, they'd be taken to a foster home. Here's the real problem though, my dad didn't consult us of this decision. I understand that he is the man of the house, but as his children, my brothers and I should have a say in a decision that affects us quite a lot.
Now, normally I don't have a huge problem with little kids, but ever since they've been in out care, my dad has constantly spoiled them, causing them to be, well brats.
Back to today's situation, my Aunt is the sole caretaker of these kids because I have school, my brothers workouts and work, and my dad works as well. She is the only one who is available during the day to take care of the kids. Once in a while, they try to shirk the responsibility of the kids onto me. I don't like trying to care for these kids because when I try to teach them right from wrong. what my parentals say go against what I just said. It bugs me when they do this, because everything I just said, goes right through their ears and does not get processed.
So today, my aunt constantly says her complaints aloud, as if I really care. I have problems of my own. Troubles come with life, it's all a part of being human. In reality, all we can do is try to make the best of what we've got.
The only reason I wrote about this is that I am getting irritated when she complains to me. Also, I'd like some advice on how to better handle this situation.

Thank You


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