She walks down the dark hall way and looks around to see if any one is around to witness what she was about to do and sees no one in the office and walks toward the file room and holds out an ID card she got from a gard she knocked out earlyer and had took his uniform to gain acess to the locks through out the building. She holds up the ID card to the scanner lock and it unlocks and walks in the room and looks for the files with A on it and finds the file she needs and she walks out of the file room then rounds a corner to her left and ditches the gards clothes and goes down a flight of staires and exits the building. As she escapes to her partners car she notices a slight movement from the corner of her eye and tucks the file she has under her arm and walks quickly to the car and gets in it. Her partner speeds out the parking lot then drives along the long drive way to the national gard and stays in a fast speed till they are ten miles away from it and is quiet for awhile. Kate did you get the file that we need on that old man? You know I did damen . I know Kate just making sure you did what our boss wanted us to do. I don't even know why he wants this file on the old man. He has some reason Im sure Kate. Right I don't think he does have a reason . You sound annoyed heh. Damen I don't like geting calls from him at midnight to break into that building. Ok just don't tell him that or you will be punished . Hah I don't care! That idolt does not scare me one bit!!! I would kick his a** if I could. Kate don't act like that! What ever Damen Just Drive. Fine!

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