You make me so angry. I.DO.NOT. want to be your friend. What would make me happiest? If you died. Or just if you ignored me. Don't try to contact me or anything. There is a reason I haven't attempted to contact you since we broke up. I wish you would leave me alone, life is going great right now. Sunny and I are together (what a shock). My grades are up. Yeah I'm sick but it's just a sinus infection and something wrong with my back(caused by too much stress!)(hmm I WONDER who that could be from). Other than that I'm fine. It's almost the end of the school year..I'll be super busy. I don't have time for your bullshit. Now you send me a pm asking to be friends when you sent me a text saying, "Wow. You are weak and childish. Don't even Reply." And you wonder why I hold grudges...that kinda s**t just infuriates it and feeds the fire. Yeah run around with your "Friends". When I met you, you were nothing. Nothing at all. I introduced you to people, got you to hang around "my crowd". Donated more than half my gold to you. And now you think you are better. Boy, I practically made your a**. Go ahead and deny it but we both know it is true. IT saddens me. Your "friends" these days are the people you would have made fun of and trolled back when you were Mike..not Caleb. Those were the good days, I'm still searching for Mike..I can't find him. I miss those good ole' days. But you changed, they are gone, never coming back, and if they aren't coming back I don't want you to come back. It is also amusing to me when you try to act so tough, but you kiss Emily's a**. Seriously Mike, it's sad, and very obvious.