Your words are the kindest I've ever heard, giving the ecstasy I desire.

The smile you give to me sends all the pain away, hooking me in, getting me addicted to everything you do.

You're like a pill that numbs everything horrid in my life, but like a pill I will eventually become immune and need more and more of it to get rid of that pain.

I'll take the feelings you give off and they'll be received as truth when really a lie, addicted to you I wont be able to see the real truth behind those lies.

If you cut it off too fast I'll go into shock, I can't function; you've done this before.
But once I get more of you it'll be hard to go back to the state of which I'm 'sober' from you and all the pleasures you have once given me.

Slowly I'll lean off you, no longer needing you. The drug I once yearned for, pleaded for, worked so hard to obtain but only get enough to satasfy myself for such a small amount of time.

I'm sick of having the need for you but you not having the same need.

You're a drug, an addiction and I think it's time to quit.
After all, not all addictions last forever.