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Book of wonders
Poems, Stories, rant and ramblings, Avi things, ECT.
The big list 'o games.
A Key!!
: A work in progress
: Almost beat!
: Beaten!

The list is also a WIP, mind you.

Pokemon: up to Platinum
Oblivion: elderscrolls:
Overlord 2:
Starcraft: All the games for it
Portal: WOOTS
Portal 2: dat euphoria button./
Half-life 2:
Half-life 2, Episode 1: Keep dying near the end D:
Half-life 2, Episode 2: FFF ANTLION D<
Dragonage Origins: God damn Deep roads.
Fable: Multiple times over.
Fable The lost chapters: Multiple times over.
Fable II: Multiple times over.
Fable III: Correction, NEW good person and Tyrant
Silent hill: All (save for the Wii)
Resident Evil series: SAD FAAACE
Bioshock: maaaannny times over biggrin
Bioshock 2: ******** yeah!
Medevil: And how I hated it when I beat the game because I wanted to keep playing D:
Amnesia: The Dark Descent: FFFFFFFFFUUUUU
Nightmare House: D:
Luigi's Mansion: <333333333
Gears of war:
Odd world:
Odd world,Munch's Odessy: <33333
Assassin's Creed:
Deadspace 2: AMG
Mass Effect: hee~!
Mass Effect 2:
Elder scrolls V: Skyrim: Probably never goingto beat this game . _ .

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