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Musical Porn
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Raindrops painted the sidewalk a harsh grey. Puddles were being formed on the road. My feet slapped against the pavement; echoing off of the brick walls of the buildings. People scampered out of the way as I raced towards Vincents Hospital. Unfortunatly, the stick in the middle didnt.
My foot caught hold of it, and sent me forward; scraping my face and chin on the rough cement. Ilaid there, not long, but laid there. My face throbbed and I could feel blood seepin out of the fresh wounds. Moaning, I climbed to my feet and continued running.
All that ran though my mind was: "Save her." The phone call twenty minutes before had made it clear that she was in danger. Danger...of dying. I didnt want to think that word...Death..it had made tears well in my eyes; making them sting. Losing her was the last thing I wanted to happen. She was my life. My being. I had to save her. It became a matter of necessity as soon as I heard the doctors say that she was in the hospital.
Slowly, the dull white of the hospital appeard in the distance. Though my legs were sore, I continued pumping them; making them go faster and faster with anxiety.
A short, light-haired lady sat at the receptionist desk taking phone calls. Running up to her, I gave her my name and the person I needed to see....possibly for the very last time. She gave me the room number and pointed me in the direction. My feet picked up again. Racing in the hospital trying to find "her." I dodged carts and nurses and patients among many. Until...I finally came to the room. Room: 218.
I knocked on the hard wood door. A faint and very delicate voice answered on the otherside, giving me the okay to come on in.
There she lay. On a pale bed, somehow looking more pale then the white blankets that surounded her. Even though she was weak, she managed to lift her head up to me and smiled. I could see the pain this caused her. Just smiling. She was weak. Real weak. I didnt want to see her like this, but I knew I had to if this was the last time I would actually see her...alive.
I sat by the bed and took her hand. She was cold. I kissed it gently and placed it on the bed. She looked at it and closed her eyes softly. Not falling asleep, but resting them, as if even that took too much energy.
"Im dying." She said in a faint voice. " I...Im sorry"
I shook my head. "No. Dont be sorry. It's...It's okay. Ill get through this somehow." Tears began welling in my eyes once more. "I promise."
Tears rolled down her cheeks as well. I knew she loved me. She knew I loved her. We didnt want to lose eachother. I felt her temperature continue to drop. This was it. This was the end. For her. And for us.
"I love you, Sara."
"I love you too, Christian." My name faded on her lips as she fell into the deep dark abyss of death. I leaned over, tears spilling onto my cheeks and kissed her forehead.
I stayed there. Just sitting and looking at Sara. The love of my life now gone. My heart hurt. It felt as though it could explode at any seconds notice. I cried. Cried and cried and cried. My eyes stung, but I fought against the pain and continued to cry, until the nurse came to send me away. I sat in the waiting room and cried some more. I had never cried so much in my life. Falling asleep on the couch was the only form of relief I got..and probably the only form of relief I will ever get.

I just adopted a Chibi!
Name: Ace
Likes: The colour Purple and listening to music
Don't Like: Haters :/
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