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Random Thoughts & Such

Marlyne Miller
Community Member
**Door slammed in face**
this is a funny story i just remembered. Again, I wont use the real names, and yes this did happen. lol.

So, M got up one morning and G said to get ready for a meeting. So, M is getting ready, just as she normally does, and for some reason, G is freaking out about being late. stressed G only likes to sit in the back of the room, whereas M doesn't care where she sits as long as she's sitting. So, M tells G to go ahead and that she will meet her there cuz little does G know that her clock is 20 mins fast. So, G decides to stay and wait for a few more mins before she leaves. Well, M gets up her stuff and G is waiting by the door, checking her stuff to make sure she has everything. When M gets up to the door, G slams the door closed, locks the door and then goes and gets in the car and leaves. gonk M is like, REALLY?!?!? scream and after unlocking the door, she walks down the street to where the meeting is being held and when she gets in, G had grabbed a back row seat and had saved one for M. So, M says: "no thanks, I'm good. I'll just sit up here" and walks to the very front row and sits down. When M looks back at G, G is like: eek scream 'OMG! SHE ACTUALLY SAT UP FRONT!!'
lol. now that in real life was hilarious. I wish I had recorded it. Oh, so how about when M asked G why G had slammed the door in her face and locked it, G said: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were right there."
lol. I'm thinking, "wow. she didn't see you...your dad must have been a glass maker." rofl

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