My First Love

In life, most people can agree that the person they love the most is also the person that annoys, angers, and makes them smile more than anyone else. However, it seems a special place in one's heart is always taken by the first person ever able to steal it. Not very many people have the ability to say that their first love was the love that lasted all of their life right by their side.

Unfortunately, I can't say that either. I, however, can say all of the things this person has done for me and to me.

I was so very young when I first learned of this person's existence, and I didn't really care for them or want anything to do with them. They have quite a few standing traits, many of which I'm not the most fond of.

* This person is probably the cockiest, most self-loving braggart on the face of the planet.
* This male creature has abs that are considerably harder than most rocks—and trust me, this narcissist knows it.
* He is the nicest boy anyone could ever know. He never talks bad about anyone, never hurts anybody, and he doesn't push me away despite the fact he will never love me back.
* He is smart—another trait he is well-aware of—but he isn't just book-smart. He knows of worldly things and can hold long conversations with me about his beliefs.
* Which leads into this: the fact that he is probably just as liberal as I am. He pretty much doesn't think anything is wrong as long as it isn't a crime—gay marriage, paramours, sodomy, artificial insemination, and abortion, though I'm not the most fond of it. His views on the world and morality are admirable to say the least.

—In spite of all of our similarities, this person cannot love me. I will go on the rest of my life knowing that the person I loved first cannot share my affections because he has been in love with the same girl since the early stages of his youth and most everyone knows this. Still, I find myself returning to his company hoping that he will one day think of me as something more than a 'good friend', a rather poisonous term to a tender, passionate heart.

Though it hurts, caring for this person is one of the few things in life that brings me absolute happiness, so I will continue until someone can bring a new love into my heart, not replacing but joining the love that is and was my first.