User ImageName: Katlyna Aryan Zyzzi III (Kat)
Age: 15
Bio: Katlyna is the oldest of three royal daughters, and heir to the thrown of Aurauria, as there is no royal son to succeed her. She grew up in the small kingdom of Aurauria, being taught from the early ages the proper etiquette of a royal.
Personality: Katlyna is a very quiet and observant woman, very mature for her age. She is laid back and doesn't like the idea of being a royal. Most often she doesn't speak unless she has something important or intelligible to say. She normally knows everything that is going on, since she mostly just observes what others are doing or saying, so don't think she's not listening.
Kingdom: Aurauria
Appearance: Katlyna is a tall slender woman. She has very long, flowing black hair and ice blue eyes. Her skin is very pale and her back is always erect when she sits or stands. (good posture) Katlyna almost always wears some form of black, and is always seen in a gown or dress.
Servants: Katlyna prefers to do things herself