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yoi otabi wo happy trip

koi miazaki 3
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For first post on i dont

Kat was training at the very top of the family castle. She stood up with one foot, standing on the pointed arch surrounded by clouds. Always calm as she was when meditating, she looked at the stars above her. She was very amazed that there is so many stars around her even though she gaze at them every night. She looked at the distant stars to her front and stared sadly at ow far they can go. "I wish I can go far like the stars" she said to herself."

Kat's life was prisoned inside the air kingdom. While commoners and other monarchs and almost everybody can go out and is free to explore the world, she, the only princess of the kingdom, is not allowed to go out. She is forced to train and improve her airbending skills all her life. Though she could not call it force because, thanks to her parents, she knows that she finally mastered the art. However, it could not be denyed that she wants to go outside because that's where the real adventure is. She also heard secretly from her parents that she was going to be married to the earth prince. Kat just felt like ignoring that fact and focus on her training because for her, the king and queen would let her go if they saw that she is ready.

"Princess Kat" called a servant who called to her. "You're father has something important to tell you". The king approached Kat, placed his hand on her shoulder and said "My daughter, I congratulate you. From no on, you are free to leave the air kingdom." Kat's eyes widened as she finally heard what she wants to hear. "Really, father?" she said. "Yes, on one condition", the king added, "you will fulfill your first task for us". The king handed Kat a scroll of her first task outside the kingdom. "Find the 'Fuma' and acquire it.", the king said. He and the whole kingdom tricked Kat into making her thik that 'Fuma' is actually a magical item she needs to acquire. They do not want her to reject the Prince of the Earth Kingdom so its better to surprise her when she gets there. Not knowing that, Kat happily accepted and hugged her father.

Getting her shoulder bag she ran and jumped to the top of the air kingdom walls. After waving goodbye to everybody, she jumped to the clouds. "This is where my real life begins", she told herself.

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