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Diary of a Mad Demon
The daily dairy of Vesta Zalika.
New City; Introductions; Alice
Dear Diary,

Today, I enter a new city. It's a rather nice city, very loud and bustling, full of stressed out workers and crazy bums. Just my kind of place. Oh yes, but you are a new Diary, so sorry, I must introduce myself. It might sound a little mad, but bear with me you book. My name is Vesta Zalika, and I am an insanity demon. I have many Diaries, I've made them over centuries, recording every thought and impulse I ever have. I want to be like the Nacal, or since you are a modern age diary, like Anne Frank. I want my story to be passed through generations when ever I die. Of course, that is impossible. We don't die until we've served our purpose, and as a half-breed- did I not mention that?- I do not have a purpose. I enjoy making people go crazy, and I have an infinite life span. But either way, getting publicity, sounds just great.

Ah, now that I have introduced myself, I will give you a name. I have already had Carl, James, Melissa, Harriot, Marky, and dozens of others. But only dozens, because I have such nice, neat, and small hand-writing. I will name you Alice, because that is a wonderful name. She went mad, ended up in wonderland. Yes, okay Alice, let us get back to what I was talking about.

Last Diary, I had been in New York, but now I am in the wonderful city of Seattle. I just love the hobos, most of them are riddled with diseases I could never spell the name of. When I arrived, I got quite the greeting from them. One puked on my feet, which were bare due to what happened in New York, and I ended up gutting half of them. It was quite the thrill, killing in a some-what new city.

Yes, I've been to Seattle before. I've been everywhere at least once, I am a demon, and I have been around since near the beginning. Last time I was here though, they were just putting up the space needle. I of course killed dozens of people while they did that, since back then, they didn't have the safety they have now. Watching people fall down a few dozen feet while hanging like a spider at the side is quite fun.

My first order of business was to find something to eat. Being a half-breed, I get impulses and needs, except, my body doesn't really need them. I can feel a bit hungry, but my body does not need food to survive. I can get tired, but I can stay up for weeks. At that moment, I had been hungry, and craving cookies. So I did what any man would do, and I walked off to the nearest Walmart, scared off some girl scouts, and took their damn cookies. Buttercrunches are delicious, and their name makes me laugh so much. No one caught me, they never do, and the kids were just taken away, their cookies lost by... Luck, or at least I would say that.

Now I am scouting for a place to stay. So sorry Diary, I will have to cut this short. The day is getting old, and I must find the absolute perfect place to stay. Good bye Diary.

- Vesta Zalika

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