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Joe-Dude's Secret Journal
So I love to RP, if you do to don't be scared of sending me a PM. wink

I have a few rules:
1. Please be literate. I can't deal with asterix actions, put some description in there!
2. Try to give me something to read. Obviously not every post has to be a 5 paragraph yarn, but I hate it when an RP partner does nothing to progress the story. This is meant to be something both of us do.
3. Be patient! I try to get on a lot, but sometimes I don't have time. I like RP's to last.
4. Don't just PM me asking if I want to RP. The answer is yes. I'll do any setting you can think of. Just send me a starter or a reply from one of the starters below.

Apocalypse setting:

Joe had been running for what felt like hours. Two weeks ago he was never interested in any form of sport or exercise, though back then he was happy. He was excited to hear about the scientist's work with the LHC. They said the Higgs Boson was in their grasp, they said they could discover more about the universe than anyone before. They proved they could make things go faster than the speed of light, believing the particles to take "short cuts" through the 4th dimension.

Then they discovered that they weren't the only ones who could harness this power.

Before the news channels cut out for good, people were calling the things "Shades", as they moved like something made entirely of smoke and shadow. They took over all of Brussels within hours. Europe in days. It turned out that the could fly at great speeds, and within the week, the entire world was at their mercy. It appeared that they killed for pleasure as well as food, and the Human population had dropped significantly because of it. The trouble was only starting in America, and Joe had somehow managed to run from a group of the Shades. He found an old abandoned ware house, and broke the window and climbed in. It wouldn't keep him safe for long, but it would do until he thought of something better.

Horror setting:

Josh tied up the rope and made sure the line was secure. Looking up at the sky, he closed his eyes and took a moment to let the rays soak into him. It was a glorious day, beautiful even. This was the last he'd see the sun for another two weeks. Him and his team were about to start a 2 week Spelunking mission, and would be deep underground for the entire time. It was pretty exciting though, this particular cave had never been visited by human beings. He'd only ever been to one other cave untouched by Humans, and discovered 4 new species! 2 types of moles, a type of worm and a weevil. New Weevil's were discovered everyday, but mammals were much harder to fine. To find two in one mission was amazing. This particular cave was 5 times deeper than last time. Imagine what they'd find!

"Alright guys!" Josh shouted to his team. "Say goodbye to the sun, we go down in 5!"

Fantasy setting:

Kylar could remember the day as if it were yesterday. The memories were clearer than crystal clear. He'd killed everyone without breaking a sweat, but as he touched the door handle, some form of magic burned the skin on his hand. He could remember the girls frightened sobs, her fathers kind reassurances. He could even remember the look on the Emperor's face as he slit the old mans throat. Most of all he could remember the elation at killing the Emperor before the door was closed, meaning Kylar could get to his prize, the daughter. Though something bad had happened that day. As the King's vital life blood dripped to the cold stone floor, another ancient spell came into effect. The girl vanished! Right before his very eyes!

It'd been years since that fateful day, and the assassin had been looking for this girl ever since. It took a long time, a long, long time, but eventually he think he managed to track her down...

BF/GF's Younger Sister setting:

Joe kissed his girlfriend, Sarah, goodbye as she left for work, before collapsing back on the sofa. For the next week he had to crash at hers while his apartment was getting renovated. He also happened to have the week off work, so had to kiss Sarah goodbye every morning and then just bum around her place like a slob. These two facts together meant he was boooooored! At 22, Sarah still lived with her family, but her parents were on vacation. Her little sister was still around, but she was 19, and Joe got on well with her quite well, so it wasn't and issue. Opening up his laptop, he started flicking through some sites trying to stop the mind numbing boredom that was no doubt soon to overcome him.

Boss/Secretary setting (but not the one you think):

Joe ran his hand through his hair as he scrunched his eyes up tight. Could today have gone any worse? It was his first day of his new job as a secretary, and he thought that it would be a piece of piss. As it turned out there was a lot of work involved. And he was just doing the stuff his new boss didn't have time for! He couldn't imagine being in her position, especially when she was so young!

So far he'd messed up her meetings, he somehow broke the printer and had to get IT to fix it, and accidentally deleted what he was told was a very important email. The only thing he did well was getting her coffee, but even then he forgot to get her any sugar. Meanwhile, all day he'd been receiving "funny" texts from his friends, making fun of him for being a secretary.

He thought he was going to get fired for sure, but then again, he thought he wouldn't get the job for sure. Part of him thought she only offered it to him because of his looks. All the extra time at the gym over the winter had really paid off, and in his sharp suit with his neatly brushed hair, he was definitely a good piece of eye-candy. Maybe if he used some of his charm she'd let him off the hook? Hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

At least it was almost time to go home...

Blackmailing Student/Teacher:

Outside in the hall the bell went off.

Thank ******** for that... Joseph thought to himself. He reminded the class of the home work due in next week, before excusing them and sitting back at his desk, It was the last lesson of Friday, and when that last bell rang, students and teachers alike practically ran for the door. Not Joseph though. Being single in his mid 20's, he lived in his small apartment alone. He had a s**t load of papers to mark, and there were too many distractions when he got back home. Friday night was always perfect for him, the school was deserted so he wouldn't be distracted. and he could be in his comfortable desk chair for hours doing all the necessary grading.

Unfortunately he wouldn't have much time for marking papers tonight...

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