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Name: FlintLock- short is Flint
Age: 24
Coat color: Light brown
Mane color: Black
Eye color: Light blue
Personality: Distant and quiet most of times, tries to stick out of everypony's business and mind his own trouble. Will do some hard labor if that will earn him something in return and is generally a stallion who wouldn't really take sides in an argument and simply try to calm it down. Slightly sarcastic and ironic, Flint is pretty oblivious and straight to the point, to the extend of hurting other's feelings without really meaning it. Caring a lot about his manly ego, he wouldn't admit right away that someone is right. Is a good listened, but haves trouble giving advice. Also, he has a lot of trouble with expressing his feelings.
Flaws/disabilities: He has a tumor growing on the back of his brain due to a strong hit of which he is unaware of. But it gives his constant migraines and sometimes insomnia. Also, his lungs are pretty rotten, seeing how he is a hard smoker. His 'straight-to-the-point' habit of making himself clear also seems to hurt other ponies' feelings most of times. Can be aggressive and violent if provoked with the right insults.
Mark and meaning: a silver revolved. His talent is his great aim; can shoot a can from 600 yards away very accurately.
Other marks: A scratch scar on his cheek, left ear is jagged, tattoo with the letter 'J' on his neck.
Short Bio: Being raised on the farm, Flint was never really the brightest pony. Since little he enjoyed the little nothings of life, such as wasting a day sleeping under a tree, running with the cattle in the fields, playing around the hay stacks and so on. Things changed when he was sent to middle school to the big city, Manehatten. His parents was wealthy enough to afford it, but studying and learning weren't his main interests so he dropped it the following year and got hired as a gof-for colt in Appleloosa (as in, "Go-for-this-", "go-do-that" assistant), not far away from his home. Still, it enough enough for the young Flint to inwardly get involved in a mafia-like business in the apple commerce. It wasn't long until he was misguided as a child and ended up a young vandal at the age of 16. He would break a window, do a few threats, seal little things, just to remind people what his superiors wanted from them. Flint started to smoke, broke the frail bonds he had with his family and continued with his little crimes thinking that was what it was for him.
However, the time he got his cutie mark was going to change all that. In a street quarrel he and his mates had with a rival band, Flint ended up shooting his little brother on accident which made his older sister hit him across the head with a pry bar out of crazed rage. When he woke up the recent years of his life were blurred. Upon returning to his parents' farm he saw the 'SOLD' sign on the front gate and learned that his parents moved away with his sister, to the big town.
Afterwards, Flint tried to earn his living decently, working a day in exchange for a nice meal and a hay stack to sleep in. He is somewhat in a depression nowadays and tries to wear it off or ignore it by traveling from town to town. This is how he ended up in Ponyville working wherever he was needed at the Sweet Apple Acres.
Ye Old Shot - father ( deceased because of old age)
Satin Bow - mother
Scarlet Sharpie - older sister
Chestnut - younger brother (deceased/ accidentally murdered)
Catch phrase: "Dayuum", "Well, darn me", "Dang it" and other varieties.

II Renegade II
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II Renegade II
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