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Vali's Journal Mine b***h~

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Shout Outs (To Me)
Saddened Fate- Where to begin with you......kay at first I kind of hated you cause you were in TTB and they like trolled the living s**t out of me as you know but then after getting to know you and I3occhan I changed my attitude towards you guys and figured that not all of their members were assholes for no reason. Now moving onto modern perspectives; Dude you are just epic at making tekteks of cosplays that no one's done or even attempted at. I admire your dedication when it comes to getting an rp/cosplay group going. I kind of miss cosplaying/roleplaying with people but lately I've been busy and haven't had much time to do it. But anyways, dude you are one of the few people who've managed to gain my trust in such little time. Thanks for being such a cool person towards me. ~

isasu-kay- Mmm, Dat blue lipstick LOL Omg, Vali ilu dude. Seriously, you're hilarious even if you're not trying and you're one of my best friends on here. Thanks for always keeping me company when no ones on and it's always fun to talk to you. We always have the most cray cray convo's. You text me random s**t too sometimes. Like that one time you texted me 'Sasu, What color jacket should i wear bue (you spelled it that way) or green?' I was like, 'Da fook, this Nggr.' LOL You cosplay the most random s**t dude, and your taste in music makes me giggle. I can't remember when or how I met you since you changed your name multiple times, but I would never have guessed that you'd become one of my best friends. Every black white washed guy I see they remind me of you Vali LOOL. Thanks for always torturing me with the broken glass song, Who knows you might be right, someday I might actually like that song ~_~ Stay the best vali qt and never change ;_; <3.

Itachi -oxCox was here, and just cox'd all over the place.
u/// 3 ///u VALI, omg, you so cray, you are my little bro~ One day, we shall hang in RL, and it won't be creepy cause I'm awesome. We'll get errr body, and make a reality show. You'll be that crazy character that beats up everyone for coming home drunk. LOOOOOOL. "We'll all be bigger than Jersey Shore, and have 4789797533 fans, and have adventures to the mall.
MANNN. I remember hanging with you all those years ago, and being like, "OMG, This kid is stupid, make him GTFO." LOL JK, I never thought that. I always thought you were awesome, and a silly person. SILLY IN A GOODS WAY CAUSE I'M SILLY TOO BAY BAY.
One day I'll be the president and make you my vice president... PRESIDENT OF THE MOON. Yes. We'll go to the moon, we'll fite them NASA's. We'll start our OWN program, and beat bitches.
WAHHHHH!!!!! ; o ;

Pyro Mustang- Ew, This Nggr, LOLjk. Vali is my Hoar, And I love the way he Is Okay with the way we Mess around with each other, I don't think I've met a more Chill Person than Vali. And Like any other Friend, If you ******** with Vali, you'll wish you were Never Conceived, LOL~. 'Bout Time I wrap this up, Vali is like, One of the best Cosplayers out there, He's original and you Gotta respect that. And If you piss him off, He'll KFC Rage on you, LOLjk. LOVE YOU HOAR~ !~!~!

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