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Mixing role-play and real life ^_~
Stephanie Michael
Name: Stephanie Michaels

Nickname: Steph

Age: 17

Birthday: 27/03/95

Zodiac: Aries

Occupation: Professional zombie hunter

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Significant Other: None atm

Family: Joseph (brother), Annabel (Mother, deceased), Harry (Father, deceased)

Physical Description: Long chestnut hair, like This.
Skin color: [#fff5ed]
Eye color: [#230f00 for the dark tones, #3e1b00 for the light tones]
Shirt: This
Pants: This
Shoes: These, but in red (Red color should be [#840000])
Axe: This, except covered in dried blood, including the handle
Has a large scar across her right cheek, starting from her earlobe all the way down to her chin.

Personality: Think motherly, but with a sense of that she can whip your a** in 5 seconds flat. (Personality is based off of Maximum Ride out of the Maximum Ride series)

Sexuality: Either straight or asexual

Voice: This


Back Story: Stuck in a post-apocalyptic world, Stephanie and her brother, Joshua, had to fight to stay alive. A mad-man by the name of Misera, was driven to relieve his grief by creating zombies, and releasing the plague on earth. Only one city had prepared for such a time, and over the 5 years of the virus becoming present, they named themselves “Eden”. Stephanie had to look after her brother, who at the time of the beginning of the apocalypse, was only 7. She was 12. Armed with her father’s axe, she began her perilous journey across America to get to the place called Eden, to save her and her brother. At one point, her brother ended up getting his leg trapped under a pillar, which had to be chopped off to save him from dying from blood poison or being eaten by zombies. A few hours later she managed to get medical attention for him, and Joshua, the nurse that helped and her all continued the trek to Eden. The nurse died on the way as self-sacrifice to help the kids on their way since they were unable to find any other way to escape. Finally, after months, they arrived at Eden. A self-regulating, self-feeding city with enough resources to last a lifetime. Just as she was about to enter Eden, she was mysteriously transported to a large house, but not before seeing her brother pass through the gates of Eden, to safety.

Ongoing Story:

Likes: Candy, hair brushes, watching a zombies head fly off after you’ve hit it with an axe, protecting her brother, new clothes, omg showerssssss
Dislikes: Zombies, dried meat (ick), not being safe, trash-can food, eating stray animals.

Strengths: Can use an axe and take off a zombie head with one clean swing, can lift up to 70kg, can use almost anything as food”
Weaknesses: Her left ankle sometimes plays up from an old sports injury, has a weakness for cute things, so has a hard time passing cute things without trying to steal them.

Extra: Weapon is an axe

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