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Mixing role-play and real life ^_~
Da tea
Alexander: /dragged off by Misha, Zita and Gloria/
Gloria: Now you like your tea? /smiles/

*skipped to having tea, all speaking in Hungarian*
Misha: So my darling son, how have you been?
Alexander: I've been good, mother.
Zita: I... I've been meaning to say something to you Alexander for 300 years or so. When you left... Well I thought you were dead. And then I got to thinking. And I realized that I was mean to you, and that I should have treated you better. I'm sorry I was cruel to you Alexander. So sorry... Everything you did was always up to my standard. I just never wanted to let you know... I can't remember why... It's been to long.
Alexander: /omg that makes me feel better/ W-why thank you Zita. /sips his tea/
Misha: And I realized that I was never in love with you or your brothers. You just looked so much like your father, and after he passed away.... Please forgive me Alexander
Alexander: Oh mom.... /huggles her/ I forgive you. It's always hard losing someone.
Gloria: We already had our talk, didn't we? Congratulations on getting married by the way. Never got a chance last time
Alexander: O-oh r-right. We're um.. Not anymore.
Gloria: You're not?
Alexander: No, we got divorced and he left me. ;;;
Gloria: You need to take more you time. Maybe he left because you were too overbearing and nervous. Think of being with him as something to enjoy while it's there. Like a sweet you make. You don't stare at it longingly and never eat it. And you don't scoff the whole thing down at once. You savor the flavor. Do that with your relationship now. Savor it.
Alexander: Yea.. Savor it. That sounds like a good idea.
Gloria: Also if you want to ******** him, do it. Don't hold back. Just don't be an awkward spazz and do it when there's no mood. You seem like that type
Alexander: You made no mood. : /
Gloria: I wasn't trying to score loving sex with you dipstick.
Alexander: I guess so.... So to not be like you, make a mood.... I can do this~ o vo
Zita: Just remember, everything you do is fine, no need to worry about it. If your... husband /omg that's so gross why u sinner/ isn't fine with it, he'll probably say something.
Alexander: Right.
Misha: And remember, he will always love you. /warm motherly smile/
Alexander: Thank you. Hopefully this helps. Hopefully...

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