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RPCs and their info
Thea Cacao
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Thea Cacao

Cutie Mark: Two[2] cacao beansI edited it to whole beans for more simplicity
Talent: making chocolatey treats from cacao beans
Age: 23
Traits/personality: Fun, Perfectionist, Loves chocolate and making chocolate, quite shy, helpful, Unathletic and uncoordinated at times. Her shyness sometimes gets the best of her, making her miss out on things with other ponies, [kinda of like Fluttershy] she doesn't usually start a conversation without being talked to first. She generally is a sweet pony, Thea wants to help others whenever she can - but a bit hesitant to ask if said pony needs help. Once you get to know her, she can be very talkative and a bit more outgoing.

Background Story:

Cutie Mark: Thea was born in a small town on the outskirts of Equestria to a family of high quality candy-makers. She has 3 other siblings, with her as the youngest. Thea got her cutie mark when she just finished filly school, and she was exploring a nearby tree farm (of all varieties) and she found this strange seed thing on the ground. She took it to her parents to ask what it was, and they told her it was a cacao bean. Her parents also explained it can made into chocolate, Thea was amazed and wondered how it was possible. So, her parents showed Thea the process of roasting, cracking open the husks and everything to make chocolate from this simple bean.User Image
Thea watched her parents, and decided to try it for herself. She did everything she was taught by her parents, but she felt putting more effort and some more spices Thea new that would make the chocolate mix better. When she was finished molding her creation, she felt a big happiness and purpose. Her cutie mark appeared soon afterward.

Thea's siblings:
[I'm deciding whether or not to create each one - but if I do, I may/may not make a bio for each one] QuickShot, SizzleSmoke, and SweetCakes

Thea Cacao has a pretty decent past, her family lived pretty well considering that they have own their candy shop. The candy shop -Twisty Swirl- is pretty popular around the town
[I'll make up a name for the town later], there are different kinds of candies : hard candies, chewy candies, lollipops. Her family all lived together until her oldest brother, QuickShot, joined to become a guard at Princess Celestia's castle. SweetCakes soon left to live on her own [but comes back to her parents every now and then] she flaunts her looks [because she's pretty attractive] and joins in all the beauty pageants as she can, even though that is not what she is best in. SizzleSmoke is a very odd stallion, he's a smoker [of all kinds, if you know what I mean] he constantly comes in and out of Thea's parents' home, SizzleSmoke is very aloof and distant. He does whatever he want's, hardly talking to anypony. Thea Cacao - being the youngest - had the highest hopes to take over the candy shop, because the rest of her siblings didn't want anything to deal with the shop. Thea was always interested in candy and is constantly in the kitchen with her parents to help out. She eventually will take over the shop when her parents retire, but she is unsure if she wants to. Thea loves chocolate and anything chocolate, but she wasn't sure if she wants the responsibility of the shop - and all the ponies coming in and out.
Today Thea is co-manager of Twisty Swirl, but she keeps to the back making candies - she too shy to be in the front.


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Foal Version
Wet Mane Version
Cutness Overload
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