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The Life and Crimes of Katsody In case you really wanted to know what I think about, here's a record of my thought process and the results thereof.

Community Member
For Roleplaying

Username: Katsody

But please call me: Kat, Kitty

Age: 20

Gender: Biologically female, psychologically ambiguous

Swing: Is there a such thing as beautysexual? No? Then, pansexual it is. ^^

Type of RPer: Intermediate - Advanced (I can match whatever I'm given to work with, but prefer at least a paragraph per post, 8-10 sentences, or else I bore easily)

Preferred character position (for romance): Seme or dominant/aggressive uke

Type of RP: Both 1x1 and Multi-player is fine!

Contacting methods: PM or Guild is fine!

heart =I am very interested in RPing
idea =I wouldn't mind RPing if you have an idea
neutral =Neutral (I'll RP it if I come across a great idea)
italics=Pairing(s) I prefer RPing (for series interests)
bold=Character I prefer playing (if neither character is bolded, it means no preference)
pink=Prefer to play character as seme


  • [Axis Powers Hetalia] idea
    ~ No particular pairing ~
  • [Black Cat] heart
    ~ TrainxCreed
  • [Death Note] neutral
    ~ LightxL / NearxMello / MelloxMatt
  • [Final Fantasy VII] heart
    ~ CloudxSephiroth / CloudxZack / CloudxZackxSephiroth / SephirothxGenesis / SephirothxZack / any combination of SxGxAxZxC / RenoxCloud / any combination of RenoxKadajxYazoo / KadajxCloud / VincentxCid / VincentxSephiroth / VincentxGenesis / NeroxWeiss ~
  • [Final Fantasy VIII] heart
    ~ SquallxIrvine / SquallxSeifer
  • [Final Fantasy Dissidia (and FF Crossovers)] heart
    ~ KujaxSephiroth / KujaxGenesis / SquallxSephiroth / SquallxCloud / SephirothxCloud / SephirothxCloudxSquall ~
  • [GunxSword] neutral
    ~ DannxRay
  • [Kidou Senshi Gundam 00] idea
    ~ No particular pairing (thought I'm impartial to playing one of the Dylandy twins, or Alle) ~
  • [Kingdom Hearts] heart
    ~ CloudxLeon / SoraxRiku / AxelxRoxas / SoraxRoxas (twincest OK) / ZexionxDemyx / XemnasxSaix / CloudxSephiroth / any combination of Leon, Cloud, Sora, and Riku (LeonxRiku, especially) ~
  • [Kuroshitsuji] neutral
    ~ No particular pairing ~
  • [Ludwig Kakumei] heart
    ~ LuixWil
  • [Shakespeare's Hamlet] heart
    ~ HamletxHoratio
  • [Shakespeare's Othello] heart
    ~ CassioxIago
  • [Trigun] idea
    ~ VashxNicholas D. Wolfwood

Original RP

  • Office romance idea
    ~ EmployeexEmployee / EmployeexBoss / Rival Offices
  • Medical romance/bromance (or the female equivalent) idea
    ~ PsychologistxPatient / DoctorxDoctor / DoctorxPatient
  • School life neutral
    ~ Nothing in particular (so many options, just PM me if there's something you want to do)
  • Criminal activity heart
    ~ Prostitution / Organized crime / Drug dealing / Gangs / Kidnapping / Stalking / Murdering (assassins, serial killers)
  • Action/Adventure heart
    ~ SpyxSpy / Soldiers / BodyguardxClient / Rescue Operations (ideas? PM me! I love action!)
  • Celebrity life neutral
  • Anything Fantasy heart
    ~ Dragons / Faeries / Vampires (NO TWILIGHT) / Werewolves (AGAIN, NO TWILIGHT) / Demons / Angels / Witches / Mermaids / Elves / Zombies / Animal People (catboys, dogboys, etc.) / any combination thereof + any other magical creatures/magical realities (I'm very open to RPs in this category)
  • Science Fiction heart
    ~ Apocalypse scenarios (zombie, robot, etc.) / Humanoid aliens / Scientific experiments (I'm open to ideas)
  • Historical neutral
    ~ Ancient Rome / Ancient Greece / Various European time periods / Various Japanese time periods / Steampunk (PM if you have an idea for something historical)
  • Pirate or Ninja-themed things heart
  • Faerie Tale-themed things (like Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc. re-write type things) heart
  • Anything else you can think of! I'm always open to new ideas. :3

exclaim My favorite fandoms are Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. Most of the pairings that I listed are just ones I really, really love, but there are lots more I'm willing to RP. I'm also pretty flexible with those characters (at least, in the pairings I listed), and I have little preference as to who I play. EXCEPT: If I'm ever doing an RP from either of those, and Sephiroth is involved, I highly prefer to play as him, and I will 99.999% of the time play him seme, and I will always play him according to his character traits. Which leads to a small note...
exclaim I will always play fandom characters according to their character traits. Even if the setting of the RP is AU, I will retain as much of that character's original traits as I can. In my opinion, I like to think that there are certain personality traits that each character has that are fundamental to their personality. When you get rid of those, you make the character that much more unbelievable as themselves, and in some cases, it hurts the story.
exclaim As far as preferred character position, I prefer to play seme or an aggressive and/or dominant uke. For fandom RPs, I'm a little more lenient about this, as I prefer staying in character over my position preference. For example, very, very rarely will I play an Uke!Sephiroth, simply because it's not in keeping with his character. But for someone like Riku, I'm just as likely to play him either way, depending on the mood of the RP idea.
exclaim As far as post length, I'm an English major and a writer besides, so I like my posts to be literate (no text speak, I can't even read that s**t anyway; try to have proper grammar) and lengthy (at least a paragraph of 8-10 sentences, but a novel in each post isn't always necessary, either). I understand things like writer's block, etc., so i don't mind if not every post is a literary masterpiece (goddess knows all of mine won't be), but serial one-liners that do nothing for the plot will make me very bored, very fast. So a heads up. The most important thing is content, so even if it is a short post that conveys a strong message, that's fine, too. I'm not actually that picky, just stay interesting. biggrin
exclaim As far as my RP style, I match whatever I'm given to work with, length-wise and quality-wise. I'm very good at staying in character for fandoms (never had a complaint yet), and I can come up with dynamic characters for originals. If you'd like a sample of my RPing, fandom or original, just PM me.
exclaim Content I'm interested in ranges across the board: cross-dressing, BDSM, violence, terror/horror (especially psychological), blood-play, torture, incest, master/slave dynamic, threesomes/moresomes, warm and fuzzies, friendship (I love friendship!), bromance (I love bromance more than I like actual romance), anything from light shounen ai to heavy yaoi (same for yuri and het), competitions, sexy cars, sexy guns, and humour. The only thing I won't do is rape. If rape is involved, then I have to know you as a writer, and we'll have to discuss if before hand (this is only because I hate when people RP/write rape without full understanding of the emotional ramifications). The things I'm interested for original interests apply to my fandoms, too (meaning I absolutely love doing AUs, to the point where I prefer them over fandom universe RPs). Any and all of the above stated interests for both original and fandom RPs can be done with or without romance, but if there is romance, it will not be the sole selling point of the RP. If I'm making the RP, I'll build something else in there. If you're planning the RP, and romance is all you've got, then we've got some talking to do. Even if romance is the main genre, I like for there to be a secondary genre as well. If things get too lovey-dovey romantical, I get bored. In that same vein, I tend to put violence into all of my RPs in some way, shape, or form. If violence is something you absolutely do not like, then we probably shouldn't RP together. :3
exclaim ALSO! I already said it, but it bears repeating: Humour is a must for me! I love a little bit of humour, and the darker the better! I hate when people take things too seriously, in real life and in RPs. There's always a little humour to be found, and I have a tendency to inject that into my RPing.

tl;dr: I'm a 20 year old, full-time college student who likes to RP Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, general fantasy, and criminal activity in her spare time. I like dark humour and literacy, dislike complete OOC for fandoms. Sephiroth is my OTC. Live, laugh, love.

I'm always open to new ideas; this is in no way a comprehensive list. PM me if there's something you wanna say!

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