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Hishiro_Zev ( He is my ex.):
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I miss how we were before......but that's the past
We tried to talk to each other everyday...now we barely talk everyday
Told each other 'i love you more'...now its a quick i love you if anything,its sound like a broken record that is on that lyrics over and over again.
Told one of another 'I am yours only.'......no more husband and wife stuff

I still IN love with him as much i love him.
This is just depression hugging me whole as i was a star in the sky before clouds covers it up.Though Even with this and that,i want to be in his arms,to defend me,to help him though his problems.To let him know:
"Im by your side and in yours arms and im not leaving until you let me go."

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Here we go again,
You distancing yourself once more.

There is another girl isn't there?
God,please make it stop

Pushing me away..
Only an matter of time.

I love you.
No more of replies to that anymore.

Yup,lets bring out the tears
It not going to help but good to let them drop.

Trying to make this work..
Im tired of you stabbing me more and more.

Why do you do this?
Have i done something wrong?

Whats with the waiting?
Just please stop,no more of this please.

Curtis,my dear love,stop distancing yourself from me please,if you don't love me then tell me,i cant take it anymore,you are doing what you did to your exs. I know it is because i watch you do it to Brittany and the others,including myself.
Just an hi brightens my day some reason from you still,though all this journey we have had together.Though i let you free,from your cage, and let you fly with the other bats,as for the vampire i am shouldn't hold an creature like you.I know now that we are only distances apart...no more

Sat Oct 06, 2012 @ 11:58pm

-how the hell an piece of s**t like me is taken? :

Though sometimes i feel like he doesn't care at all for me,or he is cheating on me.That im just a toy for him. He tells me he loves me but you know when you get hurt by the same person over and over you just don't believe it anymore?
Well He is like that. Though since he staying with me for a few years now i guess he really does love me.
I love him and he knows it. I really wanting him to be with me,hell if i have to ******** pray about it for once in my life i would/will, He is great ,sweet, smart though he hides it lol.He understands me when no ones does, he just an amazing guy.He is patience with me.I know im a handful but he stays by my side like i am for him.He Makes me happy and hopefully i can make him happy too.Love you Curtis

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Hishiro Zev
Community Member

Wed Jan 23, 2013 @ 05:37pm

Samantha, I'm always yours no matter what. We will be married one day, and there's no doubt about that. You WILL be my wife, and I WILL be your husband, I PROMISE. I love you so so much. And I'm sorry for how I've been lately. I hope that you call soon because I really wanna talk to you. I miss hearing your voice and your adorable little laughter. I miss talking to you like we used to. I just don't have the time to be on the computer much lately. I'm starting to look for a job, hell, I might even take the s**t jobs just so I can save up some money. Sammy, I love you, I really hope you never forget that again because I know at times you do and depression overwhelms the both of us....but I know if we stick together than we can get through this no matter what happens.

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