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Redd Raven
Some changes in what I do every week.
Ok, how can I start this off.......ok! I have just come back from Texas on my Easter Break, it was fun, I guess. I'm glad I didn't have school Monday neutral The ride there was long long long seemed like a whole day has passed since we started on our way there. In Texas I had ate some Taco Bell, had a bad stomachache, went to the bathroom, then came back to finish the rest of the addictive mexican fast food. The ride back home seemed to take half of the time it took to go to Texas. Do you think that it seemed that its longer to go to your destination, than the trip back home? confused When I finally arrived back home, I unpacked, cleaned my furnitureless room, and logged onto Gaia like I was right now.... I missed my computer so I thought that I should catch up on some web surfin'. Finally, I get to decorate my room the way I want to! whee As soon as my new furniture arrive tomorrow, I'll paint the walls a pretty red, but then I'll have to clean the carpet afterwards. sad
My mama made me get a weekend job at whatver resturant thats hiring. She said I should get off my lazy a** and go get a job since I always complain about cleaning the house all the time. She be like, "You be on that computer every weekend, go out there and get a job like your older brothers!" then I be like, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! gonk " Hey, I did say I was laid back. So I chose to work with my older brother at Mickey D's. One of the reasons why is that.............hell, the guy's a terrible worker! I had to be there to give him a helping hand! I hate to be working with my other older brother at Popeye's because as much chicken as he brings home for us to eat, I wanna stay as far away from chicken as I can! Heh heh, Its somethin how those comedians say that black people like watermelon, chicken, and chicklets.... I be like, "Dang! How do they know that!" xp . Right now I have school tomorrow... gonk ... so I better be gettin' ready to go to my floor pallet. Somehow I have formed a craving for.......................chicken.
I hate to eating right before I sleep, but.........hell, a couple of drumsticks won't hurt!

Redd Raven
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