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fuzzie's pie-flavored journal! Fear my journal, for it has pie.

dah fuzzinator of dewm!
Community Member
Word games characters
Your topic got to the main frame
Of the Writer's forum
Having it there looked a bit lame
Easy bait for the flame
Of a troll
So droll, having things off the roll
So I flipped a move to improve the decorum
The rules[/url are there for a reason
But it must be the season
To have a little summer free forum tiiime

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An insomniac amnesiac with paranoiac tendencies. She is also a magical girl. Fighting girls Ho!

Thread I am playing in.

Name: Chiemi Honda
Magus title: Cold Rose
Age: 19
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Magician.
Likes: Books, ebook reading devices, walk in freezers, sleep.
Dislikes: the color cream, talking about her past.
Weakness: Ravens.
Backstory: After an complicated incident in her small Japanese town, she has been enlisted an a Magus diplomat with three other mages. She's not a very happy lady. Not anymore.

Name: Robin Bellwood
Magus title: Androgyne lightning.
Age: 21-ish.
Race: Human Magus.
Gender: Masculine.
Occupation: Restless illusionist.
Backstory: The current pupil of Karlyle Bellwood. He was taken in during an skirmish in Some island near Singapore by Karlyle at an young age, then he had been given magic training since he displayed a keen interest in translating books rather than creating set spells. Since his master wanted to help his pupil, he decided to train robin in illusion casting so he could avoid combat.
Ilusion creation.
(Grade: C)
Ilusion timing.
(Grade: D)
Language Fluency.
Chinese. (Grade: B-)
English. (Grade: B)
Latin: (Grade: D-)
Likes: Make-up. Cats. Iphones. Dying his hair frequently.
Dislikes: How dull his dyed hair tends to look, magic formula, sweeping.
Weakness: Loneliness.
Drive: To locate one of the few masters of esoteric curses left in the world. Karlyle falls into a curse when he was in town and Robin is ordered by his mentor's rival to locate one of the few leading maguses of curses in the world in order to resolve his master's coma inducting curse. He is stuck traveling the world by his lonesome self.
Reference: (Uses hair dye to dye his hair different colors. Plans to use bleach to dye his hair partially white some day)
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Name: Karlyle Bellwood
Magus title: Handsome Ilusionist... OF DOOM!
Occupation: Consultant for Magi and magic casting individuals.
Race: Indonesian human.
Skills: Illusion creation. (Grade: S)
Illusion timing: (Grade: C)
Fluency: Malay
Likes: Spell making, selling stuff.
Weakness: Soggy bread.
Backstory: {REDACTED}
Reference: User Image

Name: Louise Bellamont.
Title: White explosion
Skills: Gardening.
Weakness: Cake and dogs.
Personality: Stoic and hard to faze.
Occupation: Green house manager.
Backstory: Natural born albino from some small village in Germany. Has sympathies for off grid growers.
Reference: User Image

Name: Johan Bellamont
Title: Sickly pupil. (Unofficial)
Skills: Swearing in different languages. (Grade: SS)
Weakness: Venous insufficiency
Reference: User Image

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