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RaNdOm I will write about anything I please to and is willing to share with you people! :P IDC who reads it, if you knew me for real half the stuff I say is pretty easy to pick up about me :)

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Marvel & DC
Who likes the show Merlin? Well say bye! Merlin is going away. So here is the deal: stead of Merlin they are replacing it with a new show called Atlantis, it'll start filming in April and take the time slot of Merlin this Autumn. It starts with a hero named Jason who starts an adventure into the legends and myths of Greek mythology. That is all the press released about the show. And I for one and already intrigued. Guess I shall have a new show to watch. I kinda wanna see how they rewrite (yes rewrite) the legends to appeal to the newer generation (it's prob gonna piss me off but ill stomach it for the gods). They say Jason will have a romance they haven’t disclosed with who yet, it prob will be Medea but it could possibly chance not knowing anything else about it. Sorry Merlin fans!

Okay 1st paragraph was depressing sorry! This one is good news to those who love watching a grown man in tights. HAHA! Batman Returns???:
Last week there was news that the Justice League threw away their movie script, without a good script they can't get a good director. So here is the problem, Justice League is now rushed if it comes out in 2015 and does bad, the DC universe will be in deep trouble! Because of this issue Warner Bros may push for a new Batman movie. If they make success off of Man of Steel and make a trilogy (like the bat) then we won't be expecting to see the bat on the screen till 2019. HOWEVER! If Superman fails (highly unlikely) Warner Bros will signal the bat sooner. The bat shall return for a standalone movie, as for Justice League? If they don't make a script within the next few months then they are gonna scrap it and pray for the best. Just remember none of this information is official yet, more information should be out soon about this problem.
Sum up: Merlin is leaving, Atlantis is coming. And the bat may return to rescue the day!

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