And isn't she a little honey? She's a young whippet, which brings us up to six whippets and a borzoi now. She's black mainly, with white legs, chest, and muzzle. So friendly. I'm sure she'll get on well with the others. We decided to call her Indris (pronounced IND-ree).

I'm over at my friend's tomorrow night. I always love to go there. I... I wish my family were more like theirs.

A small ray of hope has appeared on the university front. But I can't relax yet.

I've been drawing hands today. Lately... I've been driven to improve my drawing, though what spurred this new enthusiasm I don't know. Well, I feel I've improved at least. One thing I need to fix with myself is scale. I always draw too big. If only I could sketch smaller I'd waste much less paper.

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