Shadow the Nightmare Lord
The Land to the East!

Here is the map to everyone who cares of what I had envisioned for the new world. I will explain a quick rundown of the land and it’s legends. Keep in mind this was all based in the middles ages at the time and so the land and it’s people were envisioned to be primitive. And thanks to Ascended Master’s idea of the land being sealed away in time this can help finish the lacking idea on how it appears into the world.

*Theme Song of the Land*

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The land in general

The land is mainly low flat land, provided a few high spots. When I looked at the old map of HVM I saw that there was little to no flatland and so I wanted to make the majority of it flat grassland/savanna to help make it unique.

Suna/Outcast Desert

Now I know what some of you are thinking, why is it called the Outcast Desert and not Suna? Well in truth it’s just a nick name of Suna. Remember how in the golden age of HVM many outcasts often went into the Suna Desert and so people kept making the joke calling it Outcast Desert because of the main type of characters that visited it. So that’s why I had the artist dub it by it’s quote unquote nick name as a pun off the nostalgia of HVM.

Oasis Metropolis

A desert stone village founded by the many outcasts and refuges of Anadoria, they have taken up root beside the Reservoir Reserve as is the best place in the desert with plenty of fresh water.

Reservoir Reserve

A river that cut through the land from Mt. Syree and settle near it’s outskirts to form a lake. It is the people of Oasis Metropolis source of fresh water and is said to have good fishing.


A fortress city modeled after a Middle Ages stone style setting. A large stone wall surrounds the city protecting it and it’s people inside. It is heavily guarded on all sides with various traps and troops ready to defend the city with their lives.

Volatile Volcanic Keys

A chain of low level and highly active volcanic islands; Travel there is not advised for humans and is best to stay clear of.

Vanilla Vineyards

A vast island land that resides at the most southwestern part of the map. This land is mainly used by farmers from the city of Za to make various wines and drinks. The land was rumored to have been discovered by a traveler known as Mr. Vanilla. He realized after being on the island for some time that the land has rich soils. Once he returned to the city of his origins word spread and so the many farmers who later settled the land named it after the supposed founder.

Ft. Frost Point

A common large passageway and or opening through the Dark Range Mountains and into the Glass Land Glacier.

Mt. Syree

The highest point in the Dark Range Mountains where the two main rivers of the land begin. This highland is also where the children of the Sunset City go to complete their maturity test and thus become adults.

Glass Land Glacier

A vast open icy grassland field to the northern end of the world comprised with endless winter conditions and high winds. The people who have traveled there say that it is among one of the harsher places to reside in. With endless frozen blades of grass harden like glass it was dubbed Glass Land Glacier.

Tall Wood Forest

A patch of land with tall trees similar to those found in the Karuru Forest.

West and East Bridgeport City

Once a single city divvied in two on all sides, the people threatened to not only destroy their city but themselves. So their god split the city into with a large canyon dividing the two halves from one another. However both sides had friends and family on either sides and long to see them again. So settling aside their differences the two cities now divvied started building a stone and metal bridge to reconnect to one another. It had taken more than one hundred years of none stop labor to complete this massive structure given their technology but they had finely reunited the twin cities into one again and vowed never again shall their people fight among themselves.

Horseshoe Ridge

This terrain raps around Crescent Cove with low level mountains to the east and a canyon to the west making a horseshoe shape.

Crescent Cove

A lake like cove that is hugged round by the Horseshoe Ridge and flows past the Mud Kiss Marshes as well as the Sunken City into the Indigo Ocean.

Sunken City

The Sunken City was once the most prosperous and wealthy kingdom in the entire world but the people got greedy and stopped paying tribute to their water goddess. So having enough of these people, not tributing what was owed to her, the goddess is said to have given a gentle kiss and sent forth a tidal wave to wipe out all of the people. She then commanded the waters to curse the grounds and sink the city into the muck and mud to forever entomb the souls and wealth of the kingdom for her own. Many treasure hunters and tomb raiders have tried to sneak into the Mud Kiss Marshes and plunder what belongs to the water goddess but none have prevailed past the sinking marshes and so have become part of her collection of bodies and souls among her vast treasures.

Mud Kiss Marshes

A cursed swampy land that houses the Sunken City, it will swallow any travelers that happen across it.

Lookout Tower

The tallest structure ever built in the world, none knows who or what built it nor do they know what lies inside it’s walls. But roomers have said that whatever is inside holds the secrets of the universe. It is also to be said that the tower when the sun hit’s it just right for a moment you can see a strange aura shimmer along it’s sides as if it was a protective barrier to help keep prying eyes out.

Luxury Lagoon

A golden white sandy lagoon that has calm waters, year round good weather and an abundance of tropical recourses it is a wonderful place to vacation at for some r and r.

Indigo Ocean

A vast body of water that do to an algae causes the sea to shimmer an indigo green.

Down Land Delta

A section of rivers that flow into the Indigo Ocean.

Rabid Waterfalls

A drop off point of water from the lake above that follows into a fast passed river ride into the Down Land Delta. Travelers be advised this dangerous river leading to the Down Land Delta is very narrow and full of many twists and turns with much obstacle debri that could lead to capsizing of your water vestal.

Sunset City

Once the furthest city in the world the people named it Sunset City after how the sun would always settle in the west and thus set on their city. This city is proclaimed to be not only the oldest city in the eastern world but the most prosperous of any other in the land.

Runaway River
A stretch of fast moving water that starts when the two rivers from the Ash Mountains and Mt. Syree combine.

Ash Mountains/Ash Mountain Village

Long ago a large city was settled atop the once named Tri Dragon Mountains. Protected from the outside world and with endless supply of food and water the people lived in peace with the vast abundance of dragons resting on the mountains. But one day when a drought set in, food and water became harder to find. The humans growing more dispirit killed a new bore dragon to feed their bellies. This angered the dragons greatly and the black dragon wanting revenge for the loss of the hatchling convinced the other dragons to kick the humans off the mountains by force.

And yet it only lead to their downfall, the humans not wanting to budge from their homes, the dragons used their breath of fire to smoke them all out and thus drove them off the mountain. However because of the dry foliage when the dragons used their fire it spread wildly and out of control. It soon killed off even more food and thus drove the pray off the mountain. The mountains then turned black as coal from the endless burns. Unfortunately the fires became so intense that the ground baked and hardened to the point that not plants could take root and so there was no more food on the mountains.

The dragons soon either left the mountains or died of starvation. The mountains were later named by the surviving humans the Ash Mountains for that was all that now covered the three peaks of their once called home. Yet even though life on the Ash Mountains seems lifeless, bitter and quiet the people of the settlement past the river known now as the Ash Mountain Village still tell stories that the Black Dragon who started the war is still up on the mountains harboring an ever growing hatred towards the humans who the beast clamed started this destruction.

Ash Mt. Village

A village made from the surviving humans of the Ash Mountains catastrophe. They now rest weary of strangers for even though they rest by the river food is hard to come by from having only the seemingly lifeless Ash Mountains to the North, the great canyon to the west and they are not ones to share what little they have. Even though they could leave and start a new somewhere else to choose to stay for they know not where else to go and nor does a one think that they could make the journey. But also they are weary of one another, they feel that if they tried to leave someone would take what food they have and so wouldn’t be able to make the trip to greener pastures.

Runoff Ridge

A section of cliff that hangs over the fast moving eastern Mt. Syree river.

Dark Range Mountains

A long stretch of short mountains that connect to the much taller Tsuki Mountains to the west, it also divides the Glass Land Glacier from the other parts of the world.

Cold Wind Caverns

An endless maze of rock sharpened to the point, raging icy winds that can blast an elephant clean off and onto the rocks below. This section of land also houses a labyrinth of many small to large caves that can act as wind tunnels and thus make the winds inside seem more powerful than those outside. This land is above all the most dangerous of all the areas in the eastern lands for not only it’s harsh terrain but also of the vast array of creatures that have adapted to this extreme land that can easily hunt and or kill any other creatures that cross their paths. Trivial in these parts are not advised unless you have a death wish.

Serpent Spell Mound

According to the legend of the land when the eastern world what severed from Anadoria by a great catastrophe of time and space. A demon serpent rose up from the ground no bigger than a thumb nail and began to eat everything. Each time it devoured something, be it rock, plant or animal it grew to the size of that it ate. Growing bigger by the second never resting or growing ill from it’s meals it continued to grow none stop and began to threaten the world itself. Until a lone and powerful sorcerer appeared out of nowhere to challenge the best. The battle ensued for three days and nights and after the scourer reached critical point, the scourer used every last scrap of power left in him, he let the serpent swallow him whole.

The serpent appearing to have won, continued on it’s rampage of glutinous consumption. Until a bright light began to glow from the beasts might belly and starting from the serpents core it began to transform into as mass of dirt and stone covered in layers of plant life. The best whaling out it’s last breath collapsed and became part of the planet’s surface still maintaining it’s shape to this day. And where did this supposed hero comes from? Some rumors and imaginers have said that the scourer had shot out from the Lookout Tower to whom none have ever entered before.

River Valley

A large grassy flatland that spans most of the eastern world, stretching from Ft. Pass to the top center of Horseshoe Ridge.

Valley Village

A small tribal village who’s primitive fishing people that are similar to that of Native American tribes in style and appearance. To become adults the children of the village must travel alone up the river on a keno boat that they must build and then paddle upstream on the Runaway River to Mt. Syree, where they shall spend the next three years alone hardening their survival skills and then return with a stone that they have carved their new adult names into for all to see.

Gateway Gulf

A large gulf on the most south eastern part of the world that flows into the Indigo Ocean.


With much water flowing from the Gateway Gulf into the land before heading out into the ocean the ground around here has become very soft and swamp like. Travelers be advised much life in these parts that are both edible and dangerous.

Sunrise Ridge

This high rise plateau of land is the highest elevation on the eastern side of Anadoria that spans from the tail end of the Serpent Spell Mound to the Gateway Gulf. Every morning because of the high ridge time is an hour faster because for miles it blocks out the sunrise for a good while until it finally peaks over.

Golden Plains

On the plateau like surface of Sunrise Ridge it rises to have the vastest abidance of savanna grass in all of Anadoria. People who have visited there often call it the Golden Plains for when the sun hits the grass just right it shines like gold.

Ft. Pass

A large opening leading into the vast open underground of the Sunrise Ridge that lies just below the Golden Plains.

Silver Surface Lake

This lake, was given it’s name after many travelers stayed up to watch the sun hit the surface of the lake. For in that strange moment the lake shines bright and strong and because of it’s shape it reminds them of a silver dollar coin and that’s how it got it’s name.

Highland Hills

As vast space of open grass covered hills that separate the Golden Plains from the Dark Range Mountains. It spans from the Serpent Spell Mound to the end of the landmass and onto the Doblesse Strait.